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Makeup for work featuring Maybelline Rebel Bouquet Lipstick

I've been in a pink funk for a while. I keep reaching for pink blushes and pink lipsticks. The lipstick on the top of my list this summer is the Maybelline Rebel Bouquet Lipstick in REB 02. It looks like hot neon bright pink in the tube,but on the lips is totally work appropriate.

Here are two looks that I wore to work.


Travel in Style on your honeymoon.

Anyone going on a honeymoon soon? Even if you aren't I have some items to show you that are not only drool worthy but super useful for the newly wed couples (or ever otherwise)

Presenting to you from the house of PUNEET GUPTA INVITATIONS

"In a world of mass production,
handmade is the true luxury"


We are pleased to share with you our new launch: some fun goodies for the holiday season and of course there after. Travel in style with our utility pouches and bags for your intimates and toiletries and of course personal belongings and some fun accessories. 

Wash & Wear Bags: Travel in style with our travel organizers, keep your used and fresh intimates separately in our water-proof wash & wear pouches. It makes your luggage organized, odour-free and clean.

Mr. & Mrs. Bags: Specially designed for couples to carry their intimates in style with two section one for our quirky Maharanis and the other for our cool Maharajas. Ideal for newly married and young couples. A must honeymoon pick!

Dirty Panty Bags: These fun vintage American soap poster inspired pouches are dual section bag with two separate flip sides for keeping fresh and used lingerie separately. It makes your luggage organized, odour-free and clean.

Smarty Pants Bags: this is our little edition for guys to carry their underclothes in style. These pouches are dual section bags with two separate flip sides for keeping fresh and used lingerie separately. It makes your luggage organized, odour-free and clean.

Princess Bride Pouches: For bride-to-be and brides this is a fun organiser pouch. PG Travel utilities keeps your travel hassle free and stylist. keep your tender toiletries safely in our liquid proof travel pouches, It’s makes your luggage organized, odor-free and clean.'

Modern Maharani Headgears: Fun jewel and floral printed headgears with jewelled embellishments for a fresh new style and an iconic style statement.

Check out their Facebook Page for more-

Editor's note: I am like an organization freak! I love the idea of pouches that help me organize better while travelling. And those headbands!! I get why they are called Maharani Headbands. I would surely feel like one in those. What do you think guys?

miss kays



Because together we stand tall.

This is a a special post.
I am blogging for #YouMakeMeWIN to honour a blogger who has influenced me and deserves to be nominated at WIN 15

Dear Harine

It is funny how life works. We were two totally unrelated people with one thing in common- a blog. Atleast until we started talking we didn't know we have a lot more in common- being Tam Bram, a love for makeup, slightly conservative (well I guess I am not as camera shy as you are) and enthusiastic writers. 

Imagine if I had never entered your giveaway and won it. Maybe this conversation would have never happened. Maybe we would have never met and wondered why our blogs aren't picking up as much as we would like them to. Maybe we would have never shared ideas.

Harine, you've inspired me, helped me and supported me as a blogger. Whether it is just by reading my posts, entering my giveaways or sending me a text message telling me that you want my blog to be recognised and and helping me to get in touch with PR people, somehow you've been there to guide me. In my moments of despair, you have encouraged me without expecting anything in return. 

This is why I want to nominate your blog, Crazy For Cosmetics for the BlogAdda WIN awards. Whether we win or not, I want you to know that I am so happy to have made a friend like you. Having seen people who are selfish, it is refreshing to meet a person like you who is selfless. In a field that is highly competitive and where everyone is trying to get an edge over others, here you are taking me along with you on your journey, sorry sorry, our journey. It is rare that we find people who are truly happy for our successes and not jealous of them. You are one such rare person. 

In all honesty, I started following your blog only when I entered the giveaway. I don't think I even read it completely. I didn't know I had won because I missed the announcement on your blog. Until you sent me an email asking for my details, I had no clue. I remember squealing with joy when I saw the email and I was on a bus travelling back to Bangalore. It was after that, that I started following your blog regularly. I've seen you grow with your blog. I feel like I know your likes and dislikes because of the blog. The power of the written word never ceases to amaze me. 

I think it is simply beautiful how the Internet has helped us connect across the 300 odd kilometres. I feel truly blessed to have you as a friend and a supporter. Cheers to all the eyeshadows and lipsticks that have drawn us closer to each other. Here is to many more years of shopping and blogging!

Thank you Harine for just being there. 

With love



REVIEW: Maybelline Rebel Bouquet Lipstick in REB 02

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Now with the enhanced formula and quality, the hair cleanser is fortified with the unique goodness of the tender hibiscus plant. Reinventing the benefits of hibiscus which is enriched with a-hydroxy acids helps fight dandruff at the root and nourishes the scalp to help eliminate flakes, soothen dryness and repair the scalp barrier by strengthening its natural resistance, helps contribute to improve the scalp health, boosting your self confidence. Minimising hair fall, this formula also helps you to maintain a well-nourished scalp for beautiful strong hair keeping your head held high.

This scalp nourishment formula for Dandruff free, healthy hair are curated with all natural ingredients that are against animal cruelty, vegan and of best quality from across the globe which Mother Nature also approves. All this at Rs. 895/- for 250ml.

Now say, Hello flake-free locks and Good Bye to dandruff ridden, unhappy hair!

Store Address:
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T: +91 80 67266187

Twitter Page:

Editor's note- I think the shampoo sounds interesting.

miss kays