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INTRODUCING: 27 dresses

Hello guys, I am back and well I hope you've been following me on Instagram and seen all the wedding shenanigans. If you missed out on anything, use the hashtag #IA27dresses and you will be able to see all the pictures. 
Now if you've watched the movie 27 dresses, you will understand the reason I chose that as my hashtag. The movie has a line in which says "Always a birdesmaid, never a bride." There are times when I feel like that is the story of my life currently. I have planned so so many bachelorette parties and attended so many weddings in the past few years, I am becoming a total pro at being the perfect bridesmaid. I think I may have difficulty in being a bride :P

Anyway to explain 27 dresses, it will be the name of the series logging my journey as a bridesmaid. Hopefully it will help a lot of bridesmaids out there and maybe some brides as well. 

To give you an idea of what all you will see as part of this series, I have a makeup look for a bachelorette party coming up, some makeup looks for the different events in a wedding, outfits I wore during various weddings, and some fun stuff like gifts for the bachelorette party.

Well I am excited about this new series. I think I am also doing this at the right time (I am attending another 4 weddings in the year) so you are going to be seeing a LOT of wedding related posts.

First up, makeup look for bachelorette party.

Stay tuned.

miss kays