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REVIEW: Iraya Purifying Neem and Basil Scrubbing Shower Gel

So far this year I have been focusing on skin care a lot. You can expect reviews on more shower gels, face masks and scrubs. I already kick started this with a review of Kama Ayurveda product reviews. Now I am reviewing a body scrub from a herbal brand from Iraya. I know that the first time I heard of this brand was on another beauty blog and I was really excited to see it at Oxford book store in 1 MG Mall. I do know that this brand is also available on Nykaa because I bought a face scrub from there. I am kind of on the fence about the scrub, so will review that later.

I decided to go for the Purifying Neem and Basil scrubbing shower gel simply because it said for oily skin. In retrospect I have oily skin only  on my face, not so much otherwise.
Neem is known for its antibacterial properties and basil, well I like how Basil smells.

The product has a shower gel consistency with granular bits in it, It is a scrubbing gel and so I use it only twice a week or maximum thrice. It is exfoliating in nature. I use with it my loofah and I find that it does lather when I use it with the loofah. It does smell of neem, which personally I do like, however nothing lingers on my skin after the shower.

Iraya Purifying Neem and Basil Scrubbing Shower Gel review
All the ingredients are listed at the side. You get 250 ml for 395INR. I find it quite reasonable because as an exfoliating shower gel, I am not using it every day which mean it lasts longer. I think I have been using this for over 6 months now, You don't need a lot of product.

The particles are not harsh. In fact, my skin does not feel very dry after using this and I like that. My skin still feels soft and moisturized. The product washes off the skin very easily. Sometimes I get these small whitehead type bumps on my arms, esp just off the shoulder area. This product is able to remove them but the effect isn't long lasting.

Iraya Purifying Neem and Basil Scrubbing Shower Gel review

Iraya Purifying Neem and Basil Scrubbing Shower Gel review

The only problem I have with this is the cap. It is a flip cap, which is great. Sadly, the product gets stuck in the opening of the cap and get dried there. So after a few uses I have to remove the cap and clean it. Once the product has dried, removing it gets a bit difficult. That is the only problem that I have with this product. The bottle is a regular plastic bottle. I haven't travelled with this bottle. While travelling I have always transferred this into a smaller bottle and taken it.

Iraya Purifying Neem and Basil Scrubbing Shower Gel review

Iraya Purifying Neem and Basil Scrubbing Shower Gel review

What I like about this product:
Reasonably priced
Smells refreshing
Does its job as an exfoliating scrub.
Not harsh and drying.

What I don't like about this product:
The cap gets clogged with the product over a period of time.

Overall it is a good scrub. Nothing WOW about it. If I don't find a better scrub, then yes I would repurchase this.

What have you tried from Iraya?

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