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SAMPLE REVIEW: Kama Ayurveda Mridul + Ayurvedic night cream

Kama Ayurveda is a brand that a lot of people need no introduction to. For those of you who are being introduced to the brand for the first time, Kama Ayurveda makes skincare and haircare products which contain only ayurvedic ingredients. All the products are made from plant extracts and use natural ingredients making this an amazing brand for skincare. No chemicals, so less harm. I was really happy to receive two sample sized products from Kama Ayurveda in my February Fabbag. The two products I received were Mridul- soap free cleanser and the Rejuvenating and Brightening Ayurvedic Night Cream.

Kama Ayurveda Mridul Soap Free Cleanser
As soon as I lifted the inner lid, I could smell neem, turmeric and gram flour. I loved that it smelled so natural. Gram flour with turmeric is a regular in my skincare routine when I am looking to go the natural way. The texture is grainy and if you aren't careful while opening it, you could spill the product, or it could get into your nose and make you sneeze (Yes the klutzy me managed to do that). The packaging is pretty secure with a top lid and an inner lid. I take a little bit into the black lid, wet my face, dip my wet fingers into this and massage it onto my skin. I use it once in two or three days like a scrub. I don't like to use it on an everyday basis. The one thing that I find it that it needs a lot of water to get washed off. The particles sometimes tend to cling onto my eyebrow or in the inner corner of my eye and feels a bit abrasive. Once it is rinsed off completely, My skin feels very fresh and clean. It isn't drying, atleast not in this hot weather.
Full size- 40g for 295INR

Kama Rejuvenating and Brightening Ayurveda Night Cream
A yellow coloured cream that smells of saffron. It has a slightly waxy consistency and so it isn't really the best for oily skin people. Personally I prefer night creams that are aqua based. I have combination skin and I find that on the nights when my face feels dry, if I use this it works well. However, I had recently gone to Chennai and I used this one night there. BIG mistake!! The next morning when I woke up there was so much oil on my face that I could have fried an egg. In fact my dad asked whether I was wearing some sort of face mask. I think this would work better during the colder drier months. Very little of the product is needed, and even then it is too much for girls with oily skin. I don't use this every night. Only on the nights that I use the Mridul cleanser I use this. I can't comment on the "Brightening" effect it. Maybe in the long run it would even out the skintone as it does contain saffron and liquorice.
Full size- 50g for 1195INR

Overall I like the facewash more than the night cream and well I might consider purchasing it. Then again the thought that goes through my head is that it would take all of 50INR or less to get turmeric, neem and gram flour ground together and create a similar facewash.

What would you do? Would you buy any of these products?

miss kays