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AVATAR 6: The Tie and Dye Blazer

I was a teacher for 4 years, so there was no need for a versatile western wardrobe. However as a blogger, I wanted to try more styles, more pieces and build a wardrobe that could be played around with. A blazer is SO not me, but when I got the opportunity to style some items for Vesa Online, I decided to step out of my comfort zone and got for it.

I was sent this blazer for review. The idea of Tie and Dye in a blazer is so unique. It is colourful and unlike the regular structured stiff blazers. The material is soft and manageable. It was stitched to my measurements, so it fits perfectly. The three fourth sleeve makes it possible to dress up or dress down this blazer.

Here some outfits that I put together with the blazer as the highlight

Look 1: Elegance Redefined

I swear every time I see this picture I feel like Miss World. The way the hem of the blazer falls just at my waist, the length of the dress, the nude peep toes, and my hair. I could just stare myself all day in this. Ok enough of the narcissism. 
I think this outfit would work for date night, or even a formal dinner. 

Look 2: Girlish charm

Well from the prim and proper lady like look to something that's more casual and chilled out. As much as I love the previous look, this outfits is something that I wear more often. The blazer and the necklace are the perfect pops of colour needed to go with the neutrals. 
A fun outfit when you are chilling with your friends or when you are unleashing the child in you.

Look 3: Experimental boho

Boho isn't really my thing. So piecing this outfit together was a bit of trial and error. I paired three fourth length black leggings with an off white kurta. Initially I just wore a clip and left my hair down, but it didn't feel appropriate. So to add to the boho feel, I braided my hair and kept some flowers. I think this outfit can be worn for a summer evening party. 

I hope you all saw the different looks that I did with the dual toned dress from Vesa

Which avatar did you all like better? Let me know in the comments below. 

miss kays


P.S The pictures were taken by the gorgeous Sindhu Sivagnanam. You can find her on Instagram.