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REVIEW: Nioxin Hair System Kit 5

About a month ago I had the opportunity to go to BodyCraft Spa and Salon to attend the launch of Nixon in India. After a small consultation I was given a set of system 5 products to test and review.

First Impressions of the Derma Renew.
Now this whole treatment started with the scalp facial. The product used for the scalp facial is called Derma Renew. I had a bunch of dry patches on my scalp and after the scalp facial, there was nothing! It just felt refreshed and smooth. I was so impressed. That's when I decided I know need to take care of my hair and scalp really well so that I don't get those patches again.

The products

Nioxin Cleanser
This is the shampoo. The range has menthol extracts.  The menthol effect leaves your scalp feeling cool and fresh.
The packaging is a simple plastic bottle with a flip cap. The product is pretty much transparent. I find that adding water and creating a lather in my hands works better than trying to lather it after applying on your scalp.

Nioxin Scalp Revitaliser
This is a conditioner for the scalp. That is definitely a novel idea. Most conditioners are for the ends of your hair, but this specifically states it is for the scalp. You can differentiate between the shampoo and conditioners because the top portion of the lid is is white and and for the shampoo it is black.
This also has a flip cap, but the problem is, the product is thicker than the shampoo so getting it out takes some effort. This too smells of menthol and feels so refreshing.

Nioxin Scalp Treatment
This comes in a spray bottle and is to be used on damp hair. I spray onto my scalp and massage it in a little. The I let my hair air dry

My experience with Nioxin
We were advised to use this alternative days for a month. I very diligently  followed the recommended routine, however by the end of 10 days, I was down with a very severe congestion and cold. I think the menthol in the shampoo + getting drenched in the rain + a Cornetto had a very adverse effect on my system. I would advise people prone to sinusitis to use this with caution. Menthol seems to have over cooled my head. Now because of the cold I got thrown off the routine and could not wash my hair as often.

My hair is pretty voluminous and takes a long time to dry. The problem that I was suffering with the most was hairfall. I was really hoping to see a decrease in that. Sadly, I haven't seen a drastic difference.

The other thing is this shampoo does not work well if you have oiled your hair. It is a struggle to get rid of the oil.

The dry patches on my scalp have started to reappeared within a month. I am not sure whether that is because I could not follow the recommended routine.

On the plus side, my hair smells great and feels so so soft. I just can't keep my fingers from twiddling with it. I feel so fresh when I use this. The soft feel stays for about 2 days.

Overall for the price I kind of expected WOW OMG results, which I didn't see and therefore I am on the fence about this. I will probably have an updated review up once I finish the whole bottle.

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*The products were given for review by the brand but my opinions are honest.