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EXPERIENCE: Lakshmi at O2 Spa, Sadhashivanagar.

---Review by Lakshmi

Hello my lovelies!! How are you all doing? Very happy to see you folks again! Am sure some of you had been in a shopping frenzy with all the discount offers in town. Well, retail therapy is all well and good but if you wanna stay in your seat and put up your feet, nothing can beat a spa retreat. So I treated myself to one such extravagance at the O2 Spa at Sadashivnagar and am here to tell you all about it.

So folks, to me, a spa session is all about luxury and indulgence. The ambience, the pampering, the hospitality… That is as important as the service provided. The O2 spa at Sadashivnagar is located on the first floor of G.N. Mansion (as you can see from the picture below) and it did not seem very promising from the outside. I mean, can all that you want be really packaged in one single floor? I didn’t think so.

And that found me trudging a bit apprehensively to the first floor… only to be proved grossly wrong. The minute you walk into the building, the refreshing scent of lemon grass lures you in. I was greeted with a cup of orange drink and a very enthusiastic staff. What struck me was the décor though. A towering white Buddha overlooking a lotus pool, a quaint pebbled waiting area and to top it all off (literally) there were tiny bells hanging from the ceiling. 

Eager to look explore more of the place, I requested the manager to give me a tour of the place and he was kind enough to oblige. Turns out, the place wasn’t as tiny as I imagined. They have six rooms, one of which is exclusively for Thai massage (the décor was pretty, the bed was laid out on the floor and towels folded in pattern), one for facial, three for massage and one exclusively for hair spa. There was also a lounge separately for foot spa.

What I liked best though was that each room had a locker with a key (for you to keep your bag during sessions) and also a tiny velvet jewelry box to put your valuables in. This was definitely constructed with client’s needs in mind. I was considerably impressed with that.

I had requested for a O2 signature facial and a hair spa. The efficient masseuse ushered me in and laid out a white robe for me to change into. She also appropriately gave me a good five minutes of privacy before she came in again after a polite knock. Oh and people, each room is also equipped with clean and tiled washrooms and a sink. Anyway, I put away my earrings in the jewelry box she offered (discreetly looking away from what I put in) and started on the treatment. Initially she was quite informative about what she was using, for eg, she told me that she was using a cleanser and then a gel to massage etc. but as time wore on, she focused solely on the treatment, allowing me to completely get immersed in the moment. There is something profoundly peaceful in lying down on a massage cot with efficient hands caring for your face, a nice earthy chant playing in the background and dim lights on the ceiling that gave just enough light to give the room a warm glow. I surrendered to the treatment with a sigh of pleasure and the time passed away in a haze of firm yet gentle teasing of my face. Now people, I shall have you know that while you are tripping in la-la land, the masseuse still remains extremely alert and focused. She was sensitive to how much pressure I liked and adjusted her strokes accordingly (using only my facial expression to guide her! Amazing right!!) She was also perceptive enough to offer me tissues when my nose started to itch and got me hot water when I felt a sneeze coming on. . all this without me having to ask her! Way to go O2, you have really efficient and considerate staff on your roll. Full points!!

The facial lasted a good 60 minutes, after which she gently brought me back to reality and told me that it was over. I got up a bit dazed and disoriented, for though I did not nod off, I was definitely in a trance-like state. Forcing myself from the warm and comfortable place, I got changed again and went to the reception to wait for my next session. The waiting period was also enjoyable as the décor was soothing and more importantly, I got a cup of ginger honey. It was the perfect pick me up after such a lazy massage! I absolutely loved it.

Following my cup of cheering chai, I was led into the hair spa room where the specialist (a male, btw they inquire if a male masseur is acceptable. If you are not ok with that, they provide you with a female masseuse) looked at my hairtype and suggested the treatment. I went for frizzy hair and dry scalp treatment. I got a hairwash (request for lukewarm or hot water, else the water gets really cold) and then cold cream or conditioner applied to my hair and scalp. Then came the massage. Thirty minutes of heavenly goodness that hits all the right points and relaxes you completely. Relaxation took on whole new meaning. After all this, as with any regular hair spa, I had a 15 minutes hair steaming, then the cream was washed off and my hair blow dried.

The conclusion of both the treatments saw me standing at the reception again, where they nicely asked for feedback and suggestions. I told them I had a nice time, filled out a couple of forms and was then on my way, all bright faced and bushy haired.
Now people, though the whole experience was extremely good, I waited a couple of days before I wrote the review as I wanted to check the effectiveness of the treatments taken. The facial was good. The glow lasted a good three days (I was told), despite the weather being the spoilsport it was. The hair spa however, came with a time limit. I was advised not to wash my hair for the next two days if I needed the effect to last for a week. Sadly, my hair returned to its bushy, frizzy state the very next day and though I tried my best to tame it, I started seriously considered washing it to make I lie a bit smoother.

To sum up, the experience was simply superb. It is not an overly high end swanky place with sunken tubs or steam rooms, but an affordable luxury that has very efficient, warm and hospitable staff who make it a point to pamper you. Their treatments however, needs to be a little more (just a tad bit more) effective.

Will I go back? Perhaps. If I want another lazy indulgent afternoon, definitely. A spa, like I already mentioned, is all about the experience. You pay for the luxury and indulge yourself at rare intervals. On that score, the O2 has definitely surpassed expectations. Thank you guys for such an awesome time, I am one satisfied customer.

Editor's note- Woohhoo Lakshmi!! SO glad you had a good time. So guys, what do you look for when you go for a spa session?

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