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EXPERIENCE: O2 spa at Indiranagar

There are times when people look at me and say "What exactly do you do as a beauty blogger?". Well personally I want to reply that I rule the world of beauty and fashion, and no major trends are set without my permission, but let's not get ahead of ourselves. During one such conversation I mentioned that I had to go for a spa review,and my friend looks at me and says "How come you never invite me?", to which I replied "I didn't know guys were interested in going to a spa!". (Gender stereotyping much! Oops!)

So one Thursday evening, my sister and I dragged this guy along and landed up at the O2 Spa in Indiranagar. (Actually he drove us there)

This is situated right on 6th main making it very easy to find. Like any spa, the fragrance of lemongrass welcomes you as you enter. The reception area is pretty dim lit. They welcomed us with some cool lemon juice and warm smiles. We had already decided the therapies we wanted.
My sister- Foot Reflexology
The Friend- Swedish Massage
Me- Neck and Back massage

After filling in some basic information about ourselves, we were taken to our rooms.

There is a small room for only Thai Massages and I have not seen anything like that in any other spa so far.

The room for Thai massage

The Indiranagar Branch has 6 rooms- 5 couple rooms and 1 single room. Steam room is available on request and it is a common one. There is no extra charge for steaming.

The steam room.

The one thing to note is that they have only masseuses. We were a bit surprised as many of the other spas that I have been to have masseurs for men. Some men may not be comfortable about that that.

The Foot Reflexology
Cost- 947INR + taxes for 30 minutes

This is the therapy that my sister took. They gave her some white cloth pants to change into so that her formals wouldn't get messed up with the cream. She said that the massage was so relaxing that she fell asleep during it. At the end they wrapped a nice hot towel wipe off the excess. She wasn't taken into any room for the therapy but sat in a lounge area where I joined her soon after. The lounge area had reclining leather chairs that were very comfortable. The massage was from foot to knee with focus on the sole.

The Neck and Back massage
Cost- 1614INR + taxes for 30 minutes

I almost always take a full body massage so for a change I went only for a neck and back massage. The masseuse gave me an option between a dry massage and one with oils. I chose with oils. I changed into the robes that were kept. The massage was firm with a good amount of pressure.
The one unique thing that she did was that she actually started the massage by placing a regular white sheet on my back and massaging with the sheet on. It felt really really relaxing. She pressed some specific point, like acupressure points and I could feel myself just letting go of all my worries.

There is no locker as such in the room, just a small jewellery box type. So I had to leave my bag to the side on a chair. Also there were not slippers provided. Only a robe. Once the massage was done (which was really relaxing) I was given the option to just have a hot towel wipe instead of a shower. Feeling to lazy to shower, I opted for the hot towel and just felt so pampered!! No wonder babies always have this content look on their face, everything is just done for them.

The Swedish Massage
Cost- 2337INR + taxes for 60 minutes

So our friend wanted a full body massage and I chose the Swedish massage for him. It was his first time ever getting a massage done so I chose a low pressure massage for him with cold oils. Since our therapies were just for 30 minutes, we chilled out with a cup of tea.

He said that while the massage was quite relaxing, he would have liked something that was a little more intense. In fact by the next day he felt like the effects of the massage had worn off.

The shower room is huge and comes with shower gel and shampoo.

We kind of expected the place to be peaceful and empty on a Thursday evening and were quite surprised to see that they were booked and a lot of the clients were gentlemen. O2 spa must be doing a great job to have so many regular customers.

Overall it was a relaxing experience.

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*The services were offered by the spa for review. However our views expressed here are honest and unbiased.