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How to test for Lead in your lipstick + Review of Faces Ultime Pro Lipstick

It is raining guest writers on IshtyleAwhile. It makes me extremely happy when readers reach out to me and ask if they can write reviews for my blog. I love the idea that IshtyleAwhile is a place that inspires people to find the courage to put their thoughts on paper, or rather on the web. It has gone from being MY space on makeup to OUR space on makeup and fashion. Thank you for all the love!!

Today we have Gunjan who is not only giving us a lipstick review but also giving us some important tips to figure out whether the lipstick we are using has lead and if so, how much does it have.

-Review by Gunjan Taneja

Faces Ultime Pro Long Wear Matte Lipstick: Read My Lips 07 Review:

Hope everyone is doing well. This is my review of Read My Lips 07 lipstick from Faces Canada.

Product Claims:
  • Matte finish for the uber chic
  • A vivid color burst that lasts more than 8 hours
  • Enriched with Vitamin E
  • Anti-aging oxidants
  • Creamy texture gives smooth, water proof high coverage

Nothing is mentioned on the lipstick nor on its website.

Rs. 699/-

Available in 11 shades.

Lip swatch without flash

Lip Swatch with Flash

My Review:
It is a cute, highly pigmented pink shade, a bit lighter than an exact fuchsia color. Despite being matte, its application is really very smooth and feels so light on the lips. It is best suited for fair to medium complexion. The matte texture is non-sticky and does not irritate or dry out your lips. But the claim of 8 hours stay is not true. This shade stays on me for almost 5-6 hours which may require re-application after heavy meals.

Now, coming on to the main point, have you ever thought about what’s in your Lipstick?  Or how safe is your lipstick?

Well, it may contain LEAD which is harmful. Yes, you read it right.

After knowing about this thing, I gave my lipstick a test to check whether it does contain lead or not. After doing the test with the gold ring (as prescribed on the trusted sites of Internet), I found a very small amount of lead in it.

  1. You can also test the lipstick by yourself by.
  2. Put some lipstick on the back of your hand
  3. Scratch it with the help of 24k-14k gold ring
  4. If the color of the lipstick changes to black or darker than its usual color then that lipstick contains lead in it. The darker the area, the more amount of lead is present in the lipstick.

You can see the image below which shows the lipstick contains a small amount of lead in it.

Not satisfied?  I have another test for you.

  1. You need to take a piece of foil. Yes, I am talking about the aluminum foil that we use in for food wrapping
  2. On the shiner side of foil, put some amount of lipstick
  3. Rub it with the help of a tissue for 10-11 seconds
  4. If a color changes to black on the tissue then, bad luck, lipstick contains lead

Reports about lead in lipsticks are not new. The internet is flooded with these reports. 
No matter how pretty the shade looks, if it is not tested, you should stop using it any further. There is nothing wrong in any particular brand or a company but still you need to check each and every lipstick shade you purchase. Next time whenever you buy a lipstick, don’t forget to test it. After all, safety first.

  • Smooth Matte texture
  • Slim and Classy packaging

  • Pricey
  • Scared of that small lead content

NO. Spending Rs.699/- for a lipstick that contains lead, is a bad idea. No matter how pretty the color is.

Stay Healthy, Take Care.

Editor's note- Thank you for those simple tests Gunjan. As a chemistry major I know how dangerous lead can be and yes I still use lipsticks but I make sure I get them off my lips after a few hours with makeup remover.

Did you ladies know how to test for lead? Have you done it before? Let us know in the comments section below.

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