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Too lazy to head to the parlour? Stay at home and StayGlad.

One of the biggest reasons why I have tweezers and a razor at home is because I am simply too lazy to head over to the parlour that is down my road and get threaded and waxed. Yes yes, I know some of you are probably giving me incredulous looks at this point, but hey, it is the truth. We all have moments where we choose to chill at home rather than go out and go through the pain of making ourselves look pretty.

Now what if I told you that you could stay at home and get all the services of a salon? No I am not talking about a DIY at home salon thingy, I am talking about getting a beautician to come home for an at-home-salon service., is just that. They bring trained beauticians to the comfort of your home at a very affordable price. Now you may think, yeah sure, we all know what "affordable prices" mean, but I promise you that when I say it is not expensive, I mean it. I am talking about getting a full arm waxing done 160INR. Okay. Now I have your attention, don't I?

The whole concept of having everything delivered at your doorstep from clothes to makeup to food is catching up really quickly. We are turning into a bunch of couch potatoes with everything at our fingertips. This is the argument that some people may give me, but I have a logic. If 
time is money and I am saving time, then am I not saving money? 

So how does StayGlad work?

Well their website is the simplest one to work with. Just choose your services, type in your address and phone number and voila, you are done!

I booked a French manicure, a French pedicure, upper lip threading and an aroma oil head massage for myself. For my mother I booked a classic head massage. All the prices are mentioned on the website, however the duration of the service is not mentioned. I hope they include that soon. It will make it easier to decide what services you want.

Once I had booked the session, I received an email and a message as confirmation. As of now they have booking options only for today and tomorrow. If you really think about it, it makes sense. It is not like you plan to go for waxing a week in advance (if you do, then you have some major planning skills that I need to learn from). The other great thing is there is no minimum amount to book the services. You could book for just an upper lip threading and they will be at your doorstep to do that.(though I don't think anyone would book just for threading, right?)

I had booked the services for Sunday morning 10am. The beautician was here on time in a neat uniform and an id card, so you don't have to worry about impersonators.  She was carrying a HUGE bag with the StayGlad  name on it and a billion things products neatly packed into see-through organizer kits. The items are categorised based upon the service. So all the products for my pedicure was organized in one kit making it really easy for her to just pull it out and use it. There are some pretty good brands in the kit like Berry, L'Oreal, and Lotus Herbals. 

StayGlad Uniform

StayGlad kit bag.

About the Pedicure and manicure.

The pedicure is the best that I have ever had.  My heels feel so soft even now and my feet are so clean. All I want to do is walk on my hands. She was very patient and extremely thorough. At one point I started to fall asleep. 

The manicure was also very well done, except that her French tip wasn't amazing.

The thing about the French Manicure and Pedicure is that besides a scrub, there an anti tan cream used which makes your hands and feet feel baby soft. 

Pedicure by StayGlad, Bangalore

Pedicure by StayGlad, Bangalore

Pedicure by StayGlad, Bangalore

Manicure by StayGlad, Bangalore
Manicure by StayGlad, Bangalore

About the Classic Head massage

This is the service my mom took. She loved how the massage extended till her back. However she felt like the head part of the massage was too short. It felt like she spent more time on the back than the hair and head.

The other thing that she could have been careful about was the bowl in which the oil was kept. It left a bit of an oil stain on the bedsheet which left me wishing she had asked for a paper to keep under it. However I do understand that the beauticians are human and error can creep in. 

Head massage by StayGlad, Bangalore

I know you must be wondering how come I did not talk about the Aroma oil massage. Well the thing is by the time she finished the manicure, pedicure and my mom's head massage it was already over 2 hours since she had started the services and I had to head out for lunch. I didn't have time to get a massage done, then wash my hair and then head out. So I called and cancelled the aroma oil massage.

The service is really prompt and their customer care is very friendly. As soon as I called they sent a message to the beautician tell her that the aroma oil massage was cancelled.

To add all this confusion my sister enters. She was at a sleepover and called me in the morning asking me to book a waxing session for her since we had a photo shoot that evening. (Yuss I got her to pose for the blog!Stay tuned for that post). So I got onto and booked for her. Their customer care responded immediately and told me to retain the beautician who was already there to do the waxing as well.

About the waxing

My sister went for full arm, full leg and underarm. She said that the it was very neatly done. She was given disposable garments to change into. I tell you, that huge bag has everything in it. I would not have been surprised if a few more people had been pulled out from that bag.

Waxing by StayGlad, Bangalore

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Okay so this was a very long chatty post. Let me sum it up

What is great about StayGlad.
  • Easy to use website
  • Very responsive Customer Care
  • Salon services in the comfort of your home.
  • Very affordable.
  • Clean neat service.
  • Trained beauticians.
  • Branded products
  • No minimum amount required for billing.

What is not so great about StayGlad
  • The whole thing took a very long time!! Go for this on a day when you truly plan to relax and pamper yourself, or opt for less services. Don't get carried away with the prices and pile a bunch of services on the same day. 
  • A little more attention to smaller detail by the beauticians. Like making sure that the oil isn't kept on any cloth, cleaning up wax that falls around. However given the amazing service overall, this is a very trivial matter and I am just nitpicking at this point.

Who should not take this service.
Anyone who is paranoid about letting new people into your house.
Clean freaks who are never happy with anyone else cleaning up.
Ladies who have a house full of people and can't get a room for themselves.

All in all we had a wonderful time. I am most definitely calling them back for another pedicure and will probably try a facial.

So what do you guy think about an at home salon service? Yaay or nay? Let us know in the comments section below.

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*Disclaimer: The services were offered by the company in exchange for my honest review.