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10 reasons why my sister is more like a brother + Celebrating Raksha Bandhan with McCain

Dear Ishtyleawhile readers, please note.
This is a very candid post. I have no makeup on and you can see parts of my house that are a huge mess. I am giving you guys a peek into a tiny part of my personal space. Please respect that. 
Now lets get on with the post. I promise I am done being serious.

'He put his arm around her protectively shielding her from the wrath of their parents. She had come back late from a party and her parents were giving the firing of a lifetime. Thank god her anna (elder brother) was there to bring her back home. He was always her knight in shining armour.'

I woke up to realise that I did not have a brother and I was the elder 'responsible' one. My sibling, who has been featured on this blog before, is the closest thing I have to a brother. Wondering why?
1) She eats everything I cook.
2) Does not even move the cup that she drank from.
3) Sleeps a lot (maybe even snores a bit)
4) Loves F1 and Federer
5) Can talk about tax, politics and anything that is not beauty/ makeup related.
6) Cringes at the idea of shopping with me.
7) Loafs outside as much as she can and comes back late at night without getting the 'You are a girl and 9pm is your time curfew' lecture.
8) Shys away from anything that can make her look pretty, like kajal.
9) Did I mention she prefers to not enter the kitchen and cook
10) Is super protective of me. 

There. Doesn't sound like a brother - sister relationship more than a sister-sister one.??

When McCain's approached me to write a Raksha Bandhan special post I thought about for a whole day before replying. I am not a food blogger, so don't expect any amazing recipes or drool worthy pictures. Then I looked at my sister and asked if she wanted to be a part of this and she said "I get to eat fried food? Hell yeah!". So it was settled. I got to cook, my sister gets to eat and I get a blog post with my first set of quick -to-do recipes. It was s total win-win.

Recipe 1:

Potato Cheese Cup Salad.

McCains Potato Cheese Shotz- I packet
1 Cucumber- diced
1 Tomato- diced
1 Carrot- grated
Salt, pepper, mixed herbs to taste.

Fry the McCains Potato Cheese Shotz. Ensure that your sister/ sibling is not in the room when you do so, because she will eat it up behind your back. 

Mix the cut cucumber, tomato and carrot in a bowl
Add salt, pepper and mixed herbs for that dash of flavour.

Place the salad in the bowl and arrange the Potato Cheese Shotz on the top after cutting them in half.

Serve with love and watch your sibling smile with happiness. The hot cheesy flavour with the fresh crunchy salad is a combination that everyone will love.

The one thing I do want to mention is that the Potato and Cheese Shotz kind of started to split and open and the cheese oozed out while I was frying. Did this happen to any one else?

Recipe 2:

Vegetable Finger Wrap

McCains Veggie Fingers
1 Roti
Some Spread- I used pesto sauce
1 Tomato- chopped.

Fry the Veggie Fingers and let them cool. Get your mother to make the rotis. Spread the pesto sauce on the roti. 

Threaten your sibling and get them to chop the tomatoes.

Try to roll two of the Veggie fingers into the roti. Once you fail at that, remove one of the fingers, add tomatos and then roll it. 

The combination of the pesto, the juicy tomatoes and the crunch of the veggie finger is something that your sibling will surely never forget.

Recipe 3:

Reconstructed Dal Batti Churma type dish

McCain Veggie Fingers left over from the previous recipe.
Some cooked dal with loads of flavour in it. I used dal that had been made with radish and tomato and onion. 
Khatta Meeta Mixture.

This is definitely the simplest recipe of the three. The dal can be a left over from a previous dinner/ lunch. My mom had made mooli dal for us to have with rotis. I just mashed up the Veggie fingers, added the dal onto and sprinkled the Khatta Meeta mixture on it. This was inspired by the Dal Batti Churma recipe. 

This was my favourite of the three recipes.

I totally made my sister's day with these. I mean all the fried food possible. She was super happy and atleast on the occasion of Raksha Bandhan I want to tell her- Kavya, I love you even though you hate kajal, eyeliner and lipstick. 

So guys, do you think I should get into food blogging? If any of you try these recipes and they taste terrible, please do not tag me and hate me on social media.

miss kays


Disclaimer- the McCain products were sent to me. 

The recipes are a random concoction. Please note that I am not a food blogger and I do not claim that these recipes will be the tastiest ones ever.