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27 dresses: The "With love from" Kit

The Bachelorette parties I throw are very nontraditional because my friends come from very traditional families. Confused? I mean that my friends and I don't get drunk or do the whole kinky gifts thing. I know those are a lot of fun but as bridesmaids I think that it is our duty to take care of the bride, not just during the wedding, but even after the wedding. When she opens her suitcase in her new house she should see the gifts you gave her and smile with tears in her eyes. I believe in giving useful thoughtful gifts.

This is a kit that I put together for my cousin sister who got married a few months ago. She came down from Cambridge just a month before the wedding and I wanted to give her a bunch of things that I didn't really expect her to remember to buy for herself. Here is what all I got for her.

Clean and Clear facewash: Because who doesn't want a citrusy wakeup call in the morning. Clean and Clear was one of the first skincare products I used when I was a teenager. It is so cool to see different variants of it nowadays.

Footcream and Handcream: The hands and feet are probably the most neglected parts. So a hand cream and foot cream is also essential. Mehendi looks so much better on well moisturised hands and feet.

Makeup remover wipes: I love this brand for makeup removal. Wipes are so much easier to carry than makeup remover and cotton pads. I picked this up so that she could remover her makeup on the go.

Nail Polish remover wipes: The worst thing for a new bride would be to have chipped nail polish. Gives a terrible impression to whoever is meeting her for the first time post the wedding. I think it is better to not have anything on your nails than have chipped nails. That's why I packed this in the kit.

Maybelline baby lips Kissable lips is the motto of baby lips. So, duh, it has to be a part of a bridal kit.

Maybelline Lip Polish in Glam 6: My cousin sister is so not into makeup. However post wedding you end up meeting a lot of people and you need to look pit together at all times. I chose this particular lip polish because it is easy to use and gives a very natural everyday look. Note to self- Need to buy one of these for myself.

Maybelline Hypercurl Mascara: I think mascara, concealer/ compact and a lip colour is all the makeup one needs to look put together. I knew my cousin sister had a compact, so I completed the trio by getting her a mascara that would look natural for an everyday look.

Maybelline Colorshow nail polish: A bridal maroon colour is essential. Most people would get a mani and pedi before the big day, but then you have my cousin who ended up spending more time at the dentist than at a parlour. I was so happy I packed this colour for her because she didn't have any colour for her nails.

Tic Tac: Nothing is more refreshing than a bit of mint and well it is definitely great to have in case you are on your honeymoon and don't know when you may get kissed, right? Always be prepared.

Safety pins and hair pins: I swear that you can never have enough of these. I mean I am always buying these and I still end up searching for them when I need them the most. So annoying but so essential!

For all your bridesmaids out there, what else would you put in this kit? Do let me know in the comments section below.

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