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Asus meets all the Divas in Bangalore.

While I may come from a generation that has the best of technology at their finger tips, I am one of those girls who is pretty tech illiterate. Ask me about the configurations on my phone and you will see blankness. Ask me how fats are broken down in our body and be prepared to hear an hour long lecture. #NerdAlert

Given the kind of person I am with respect to technology, I was a bit hesitant to sign up for the Asus Divas Meet in Bangalore. It was for the launch of their new Zen phones. I did end up going and that was because it was an all ladies meet and I figured I would have company. Atleast there would be some more not so tech savvy women there.

So Thursday evening saw me swipe my favourite red lipstick and walk into Taj Vivanta like a total Diva. I had been told in previous blogger meets that I didn't look like a fashion blogger. So this time I decided to play the part right.


It started an hour late and we kept ourselves entertained by taking pictures and even more pictures. In fact most of the pictures I took were before the meet started. Finally Komal stepped up and started the show. Peter Cheng, the MD of Asus India walked us through the whole launch of Zen phones in India. A total of 5 products have been launched in India- 3 phones and 2 tablets.

1) Zenfone Selfie that can be opened by drawing 'S' on the screen and voila! you are directly in selfie taking mode
2) Zenfone 2 Laser with the LED flash that takes the best pictures in low light.
3) Zenfone 2 Deluxe- with a 3D cutting on the back panel making it easier to grip and giving a cool dual colour effect as well. 

Stefi, the product manager, walked us through each of the phones but focussed on the Zenfone selfie.
As a beauty and fashion blogger I take a bazillion selfies. Not joking guys, my phone is filled with pictures of only me. As is the Sony Cybershot that I use for the blog pictures. Somehow I haven't mastered the art of the selfie on the phone and I think one of the biggest reasons for that is because it is so hard to get the right angle and press the damn click button that is the centre of the screen. The Zenfone Selfie takes care of this by giving a button on the back of the phone where your index finger would rest.

The other pet peeve I have is that I mostly get dressed for an evening out and while my makeup looks great in person, I always end up looking either a ghastly white or not seen at all in pictures. Thanks to the LED flash that comes with the front camera and the back camera, there is no need to worry about low light issues. The 13mp front camera ensures that you always get the best quality pictures (13mp in a front camera. Say whaaaaat???)

The phone is built to fit comfortably in the arch of your hand and comes in two really pretty colours- a pastel pink and a pastel blue.

The other amazing features include the 'beautification' mode and a selfie panorama option.

To add more glamour to the evening we had VJ Anusha demonstrate the use of the Zen selfie, give us some makeup tips for the perfect pictures and also some tips on how to take the best selfies.

Makeup tips for the perfect selfie
1) Prefer concealer over foundation for a more natural look. Focus on problem areas like under eye circles.
2) Use a highlighter in the inner corners of the eye for a more wide awake look.
3)  Use oodles and oodles of mascara and skip kajal.
4) Highlight your cheeks. 

A few games later we were all ready to eat the refreshments and head home. It was a lovely evening and it would have been even better if it had gotten over on time and well, if we had gotten a little more substantial dinner. But hey, the company was great, the program was fun and I am blogging about technical specs of a phone. I know, right!!

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