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Changes. Updates. And Schedules

Hey guys!!

So it has been a while since I put up a general chit chatty post (though  I do know that in my previous post I talked A LOT!!)

For those of you who don't know I am now working as an academic content creator (Oh I really need to update my About Me page.)
So for now I have a full time job where I spend close to 6 hours a day on the laptop. It has been almost three months since I joined this job and you all may have noticed fairly erratic posts for over a month now. I got sent to Abu Dhabi on work and that really messed up my blogging schedule. Not that I had an actual schedule but atleast I made the attempt to have a post up once on three days.

Besides my full time job, I have been attending a lot of blogger events (None of which have beem updated yet. I am such a terrible blogger, I know!).

One event that really made me rethink how I approach blogging was the #WordUp event by Indiblogger. I promise there is a very detailed post coming up on that in the coming week. One thing that was stressed upon was to have a schedule for blogging and sticking to it.

So this is me writing a post on my posting schedule in a an attempt to make sure that I stick to it.

For the month of August, this is what my schedule will by like- There will be posts up on Tuesday, Thursday and Saturdays. The posts of Tuesday and Thursday will go up at 10am and the Saturday post will be up at 12 noon.

As you may have noticed, today is Saturday and the first day of August and voila! I have my first post up at noon!!

See it is that simple once you put your mind to it. Okay well this post was easy. But hey I promise to make a better effort so long as all of you make a promise to read regularly. Now that you know the schedule you don't have to wait for an email to appear in your inbox telling you that there is a new post on IshtyleAwhile. You can just head right over to the blog and check out the post. But do subscribe to the email service, I mean what if you forget the timings??

In other news, IshtyleAwhile now has a freelance photographer, so hopefully you will see better fashion pictures.

A writer, a photographer. We are growing people!!

Stay tuned and don't forget to come back on Tuesday at 10am for the next post.

P.S. It may be a fashion one. Shhh!!

miss kays