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EXPERIENCE: That Elegant Chic at O2 spa, Orion Mall

--Review by Ashwini and Varsha

So you've read what I had to say and what Lakshmi had to say.

This time the team from That Elegant Chic went to the Orion Mall branch of O2 spa. Here is what they had to say.

O2 is a brown box shaped room inside the Orion Mall, right next to the multiplex section. A spa -- a place where you go to find some relaxation and a mall -- a place which involves a lot of movement, noises and crowd! A spa in a mall seemed like chalk and cheese combination. However, as we entered, the room was enveloped with a cool and calming aura, with a typical soothing spa music filling the air. Thanks to the acoustics of the place, I totally forgot that I entered this place through a mall. The interiors were dark but impressive. The darkness actually added into the calmness. I loved how we were pampered with luxury. Soon after we arrived and made ourselves comfortable, an employee came out holding a tray that had a pair of comfortable looking footwear. We removed our regular sandals and donned them soon after we had our welcome drink of some refreshing lemonade.

O2 spa at Orion Mall

O2 spa at Orion Mall

O2 spa at Orion Mall

I was directed to a room that was beautifully furnished. I had opted for an anti-aging facial (yup! Better be armed with good skin before those wrinkles come creeping in!) I, unfortunately, missed the name of the individual who was attending me, but let's call her R. After changing into a cosy bathrobe and Turkish towel, R literally tucked me in a bed and started the facial. I liked that she took me through all the steps, informing me what she is doing. Her massage was perfectly pressured. The steps included cleansing, scrubbing, toning and two face masks. I was also given steam and cold compress alternatively. Oh and there was also a lovely head massage in between. I had a super hectic month at my workplace and this massage seemed like a blessing!

O2 spa at Orion Mall

O2 spa at Orion Mall

My friend opted for an organic massage. Although the steps of her facial were pretty similar to that of mine, the products were different. In her opinion, the massage was firm yet relaxing. Her masseuse was as interactive as mine and she enjoyed her experience to the core.
After the session ended, we were offered a bowl of apples and ginger lemon tea, which quite honestly was a good surprise for me.

O2 spa at Orion Mall

Post spa selfie

Overall, I loved the experience at O2. I just wish they weren't as expensive. None of their facial services were less than two thousand and this sort of dampened my enthusiasm. But once in a while, when you really want to spoil yourself, this is a perfect place to be in!

So for those of you who live around this area, you could think about checking this out. Even if you don't check out, don't forget to check out Ashwini's blog.-

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Disclaimer- The services were offered by the spa in return for our honest opinion.