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Going back to Pure with Shudhvi Soaps

Ever since I started using shower gels, I have not looked at soaps much. As long as I was using soap, Medimix was my choice. I recently (read as a month ago) received a whole bunch of products from Shudhvi Naturals. I got know of this brand through a friend and well she put in touch with them. So you can expect a who bunch of Shudhvi products in reviews to follow.

I received a total of 3 soaps. I have never used handmade soap, though I have bought them before. #ConfessionsOfAShopaholic. Well since I had to review these, I had to use them. In fact I got my entire family to use them.

In today's review there will 2 soaps, and the third one will be reviewed after a while

Soap 1: Cinnamon Coffee Cream
Price: 197INR

Doesn't it sound like a really hot beverage for a cold rainy afternoon? Well it looks exactly like how it sounds with swirl of cream and coffee . It contains a string of essential oils that include olive oil and cinnamon oil.

Being a handmade soap, you aren't going to find tons of lather. The cream leaves your skin feeling smooth and soft. There isn't really any sort of overpowering fragrance and I really like that. The one thing that I do have to mention is that as you keep using the soap, the bits of coffee turn up and they are pretty granular. I find that I cannot use this as an every day soap. It scratches the skin and you need to be really careful while using it. I would have loved if the coffee grains could have been a bit more fine. It works more like a soap for exfoliation.

Soap 2: Pure Sesame Oil with Wheatgrass and Ginger.


Wheatgrass is usually a source of Vitamin E. This along with sesame oil makes this soap supremely moisturising. Like my sister rightly put it, every time you shower with this, it feels like you have had an oil bath. The advantage is that you don't have to worry about the oil being messy. The skin feels really soft, very moisturised and there is no fragrance, which is great!!  The only thing is it got over really soon! It didn't even last a month.

This doesn't look as pretty as the colour swirls in the coffee and cream soap but it is more like those half and half saris that you get. The cut is irregular because it is handmade but I think that adds to the whole look and appeal.

All in all this a soap that I would consider repurchasing.

To check out more Shudhvi products and buy some head over to

Now I can't wait to try the third one.

Do stay tuned for a lot more reviews of products from Shudhvi.

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Disclaimer: The products were sent to me by the brand in exchange for my honest review.