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Indiblogger meet feat Flipkart at HardRock Cafe, Bangalore

How many of you are reading this post because I mentioned Hard Rock Cafe?? Well I know I went for this event because of the venue (Great choice, Indiblogger) and of course because I knew I would meeting up with a bunch of blogger friends. Oh wait, let me know forget to mention the reason for the event- Flipkart! Of course, a big reason for me to go.

Outfit of the day

Makeup of the day

Like any Indiblogger meet, the sessions started on a musical note to pep up everyone on a Saturday morning and well nothing does that better than a little head banging and some feet tapping #HellYeah.
(a sneak peek of what we got to experience on Saturday Morning)

Then it was time for some introductions and since yours truly clearly has no fear of the mic, it was no surprise that I practically jumped of my seat when they wanted to know something weird about the blogger and her blog. In my defense being a chemistry teacher and having a fashion blog counts as being weird alright.

Then it was down to business. The topic of discussion was Flipkart Image Search.

Now I am not really a tech- literate person. I swear. One of the reasons I barely every review apps is because I have no idea on what basis I should be reviewing them!! I knew I had the Flipkart app on my phone (Because in my Windows Lumia it comes pre installed) but I had never signed in until that Saturday. 

Luckily for me the app on my phone was already an updated one and so I had the image search option already there. 

Imagine this. In the near future we will have the ability to just look at an item and know where to buy it, how much it costs and even better where you can buy it the best price. The Flipkart image search is most definitely on the right track.

Just Point your phone camera at what you want to buy- Like your friend's handbag.

Shoot a picture of it in bright day light.

Screenshot of how it looks on a Windows phone

Buy it by searching on Flipkart. Well rather Flipkart searches for you and shows you the best options.

Screenshot of the search screen

The results that it showed

There are limitations of course, like it the lighting is not enough, then the colour is not detected properly and the matches you get are terribly off colour. It is a work in progress, but Flipkart is most certainly making huge progress in the right direction. Kudos to Punit Soni and Team. 

Punit Soni

We had a nice team event where we got to use the Image search and understand how well it works and also the limitations. But I was too eager to try to that even before the game started I was busy clicking a friend's bag and searching for it. 

The team event

#FlipkartImageSearch is definitely going to be changing the way I shop! No doubt in that.

On another note, did you guys know that Indiblogger actually got 10 bloggers published in a book of love stories!! That is so amazing right!! We all got a copy of the book. Do you guys want me to review it??

Thanks to Indiblogger for putting together such a great event!

Ok now for some pics with friends.

I am sorry this picture shook!! But I don't have another pic with these guys.

Varsha, Aswhini and Priyanjana

This girl is such a cutie!!

Have you guys tried this new feature yet?? Do it and let me know your thoughts in the comments section below.

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Disclaimer- All the pictures are not mine. Some are from Madhumita Phukan and some are from the Indiblogger FB page