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Introducing:Forever Yoga Clothing

Exercise has always been a huge part of my life. Being a dancer, I understand the importance of keeping fit. When I stopped attending dance classes, I tried to go to the gym and have a workout routine, but it just never worked for me. So yoga was what I turned to. My father, not only practices, but also assists his yoga teacher to teach yoga to underprivileged people. Therefore it seems perfect that IshtyleAwhile gets to introduce you to a new brand, Forever Yoga, that focusses on clothing for yoga and has a collection for men!

Here is what they have to say.

The way men practice yoga is about to change as they are all set to be dressed in comfort clothing for their sessions! No longer will they have to stick to the boring track pants and T-shirts that will instead be replaced by the ancient Indian yoga gear, the dhoti, albeit with a contemporary twist that spells comfort and class. The authentic Indian yoga wear brand, Forever Yoga, has launched their men’s collection.

While women contribute to 70% of the total market in the yoga industry, an increasing number of men too are taking an active interest in the art of yoga. Most of them use the regular gym clothing for the same which though is comfortable might be too figure hugging and not let the skin breathe freely. But that will change with the men’s collection of Forever Yoga as men can wear authentic yoga wear and practice yoga.

It’s interesting that though yoga has many takers all round the world, not many brands have clothes designed exclusively for yoga in India making it an untapped market in the country of its origin. This is what pushed Forever Yoga to take a step towards providing a yoga clothing to Indians and eventually planning to make it available to the rest of the world.

The collection is comfortable and has been created keeping in mind the demands of the practice and is at the same time funky, colorful and tasteful. The bottoms, i.e. the dhotis fit really well and the material is soft too. They are comfortable, stretchable and suitable for yoga and are also engineered towards keeping men dry during the practice. Designing, manufacturing and packaging, Forever Yoga has got it all. The designs are inspired from Indian mythology and Buddhism. The designs are silhouettes like dhotis, yogi bottoms and other yoga wear. Forever Yoga is a first of its kind clothesline that includes global meditation lines with long bodies, capes, throws, shawls in earthy colours. This range of yoga and post-yoga wear comes in both knitted and woven fabrics and echoes the brand’s core motive of bringing comfort to yoga. Tested by yogis and yoginis to ensure durability and comfort, the clothing line has a wide variety of fabrics to choose from. All sizes are available with the brand, whether it is a size zero or a plus size! The outfits are fitted to perfection yet airy enough to let the skin breathe. So whether it is bottom or top wear, you can make your pick!

About Forever Yoga:

Forever Yoga is the connecting dot between yoga practitioners across the globe and the authentic yoga wear with a modern twist that comes from India’s 5000 years of yoga tradition and practice. Our aim is to build a global yoga wear brand, first one to have a global presence from India and merchandize that says, "Made in India."

Expertise in the field is at the very heart of the brand. The core team of Forever Yoga is equipped with vast experience in the apparel and retail industry of 15 years before foraying into yoga wear. The concept originated in September 2014 when we realized that India doesn’t really have much to count on when it comes to yoga wear. Then with a detailed study of various yoga centers, we came up with this product that bridges the gap between what is offered currently and what actually needed. Forever yoga is also collaborating with few yoga centers in Bangalore and Mumbai.

The collection- For both men and women

Digital printed tee: Now you'll make heads turn as you set foot inside your yoga class in the Forever Yoga Digital printed tees! Forever Yoga has come up with stylish and comfortable digital printed tees for women. They're made in an interesting way too! The original designs of the print are initially placed on the fabric by artisans and the brand later converts them into digital formats. The brand believes in fashion with comfort and these tees offer the same. Interestingly, they are also available in different sizes - so whether you are size zero or plus size, Forever Yoga has one for everyone. These semi-fitted tees give freedom of movements while exercising. The front of the tee is made of Poly Spandex and the back of Viscose for sweat absorbency, softness and comfort.​

Yogi bottoms: Not everyone would have perceived yogi bottoms to be the ideal yoga wear but well they actually are! Made from Viscose Spandex for added comfort, these bottoms enhance your performance while practising the different yoga asanas. Available in different colors like black and blue, these bottoms exude comfort. The shin length doesn't get in the way while you concentrate on your yoga and the adjustable ties let you set the tightness to match your comfort. Ideal for yoga, the Yogi Bottoms can also be worn post workout to blend Yoga with style. Ladies, don’t worry about the size!

Sports Bra: Now what most women don’t really pay importance to is their lingerie while working out, especially their bras! Yes, you need to be very careful what kind of bra you workout in as it is very important that your breasts have the right kind of support while exercising. And that is why Forever Yoga has come up with a line of digital printed sports bra that is quite funky. They are made of polyester and are stretchable for superior comfort and unrestricted body movements. The yoga bra is sweat absorbent and available in two colors. Its versatility allows you to use it for gymming or even as a part of your casual wardrobe to add the quirky twist.

Knitted dhoti: Bringing the ancient yoga wear back in style, Forever Yoga is surely creating a revolution that will be picked up by the rest of the world soon! The knitted dhoti is perhaps the best choice to practice yoga in for men, though it might be that great for gymming too due to its fit. Made using Viscose Spandex, the Knitted Dhoti is designed to provide you the perfect drape without hindering any body movements. Moreover, you can just throw on a tee and turn the look from yoga pro to casual boho in a jiffy! This is available in two shades, maroon and grey.

Harem pants: Nothing can beat the comfort of harem pants, it is a given! Rediscover yoga in these ankle length harem pants for men. Made of Poly Viscose, the bottoms come with a mid-waist and extended crotch that is ideal for heavy workouts. The elastic at the bottom is perfect to hold the fabric in place while one does a head stand. The light weight and soft feel of the fabric ensures that no matter how rigorous your work out is, you remain fresh at the end of it.

I love the idea of clothing specific for yoga. I think the graphic tees and yogi pants are the most interesting from this collection. What did you like? Let us know in the comments section below.

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