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EXPERIENCE: Curios and Dreams at O2 Spa, Vittal Mallya Road.

Hey everyone
I know that I am a bit late with today's post but work was really tight this past week that I didn't have time to schedule posts. This weekend should be more relaxed. Hopefully. So for today I am going to be posting a spa review that has been long overdue. I think I was supposed to have posted this about a month ago *hides face in shame*

So we sent Swati from Curios and Dreams to O2 spa at Vittal Mallya Road. Here is what she has to say about her experience. 

Sometimes, the timing is just perfect. I was having such a hectic schedule over the last couple of weeks with so many cases and presentations one after another, that’s when Krupa gave me a chance to review the O2 spa and I couldn't have been more excited! She was my angel in disguise!! ;)

O2 spa is a brand I am sure, we all are familiar with. They have branches in around 15 cities in India and some internationally, which is why I couldn’t wait to try them out!
I chose the O2 spa, Vittal Mallya branch (Bangalore). So, let me just get into telling you about the amazing experience I had without much blabbering :)

Welcome and Decor : 
The first thing I noticed even before in entered was the relaxing calm aroma all around which was quite enough to put me in a tranquil mode. Everything inside was so serene and Zen like. The fragrance, candles and the calm decor, all gave a very peaceful feeling. I loved their pedicure area so much too! Take a look at the photos and you will understand why :D

We were greeted by the manager who explained all about the company, branches and different therapies they offered.
I was given a cooling lime drink to sip on, while the manager was helping me decide which therapy would be best suited for me. Quite impressed with their hospitality! J

Comfort : 
Once my therapist was ready, I was given disposable footwear and escorted to my room. Each room is softly lit and has soft soothing music playing to help you relax and unwind completely (brownie points for the music! So many places miss that element). O2 spa did lack a locker facility which I would have preferred.

Hygiene :
You are provided with a set of disposable undergarments and fresh towels, which is very convenient. The massage bed is covered with clean disposable sheets as well. Plus every room has an attached shower cubicle with clean towels, shampoo and bodywash.

Therapy : 
The aromatherapy massage is available with different oils -  relaxing, stress buster, jet lag etc. I went with the relaxing one since it sounded just like what I needed! My therapist, started by wiping my feet with warm towels (which felt so so nice!) and then proceeded with the massage with the warm oil.
I must say that the warmed oil combined with the gentle pressure and massage felt heavenly! The therapist was very attentive the whole time, asking about the level of pressure, comfort, temperature....everything.
Another good thing was the additional towel provided which is used to cover up the rest of the body, making sure one feels very comfortable at all times
I guarantee you that you will fall asleep in 10 minutes.The whole experience is so good that I didn’t even realize where the 60 minutes went. After which I took a nice hot shower and walked out with soft and glow-y skin! The therapy ended with some fresh fruits and a cup of green tea. I was feeling so rejuvenated by the end. Most of my stress was gone and I felt very calm inside....honestly I just wanted to curl in bed and have a good sleep! :D

Price Range :
The therapies are priced a little higher than the other places I have gone before, but O2 spa offers attractive membership packages and different combos /special which you should definitely check out!
Silver, Bronze, Gold, Platinum and Diamond membership packages are available (each priced differently with different benefits).

Overall, I had an absolutely wonderful experience at O2 spa. It left me super relaxed and stress free and now I am all ready to take on the huge pile of work again. I am going to be back at O2 again...soon!
I would recommend you try out O2 spa definitely! A little bit of pamper never hurts anyone! :) :)

P.S. A big big thank you to Krupa once again! She is simply the best!! J :*

Awww thanks so much Swati. I am so glad you had a great time. These past 2 weeks have been so very tensed and hectic, I could use a spa session myself. Hmm,, maybe I should start planning for my next one. 

Do check out Swati's blog as well.

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Disclaimer- The services were offered in return for our honest review.

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