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Meeting Sherry and Divya Maben at Lifestyle + haul

Saturday morning dawned bright and sunny. Given Bangalore weather conditions that doesn't happen often. She knew it was going to be a great day. It was 8am. Time to get up and get ready for the day.
After helping her mother to clean the house, she quickly showered and pulled on a pair of track pants. She had to finish taking tuition before she could head out.
"So when the carbon shares two pairs of electrons with the neighbouring atom it is called a double... "  Her voice trailed off. Her phone was buzzing. A reminder popped up on the screen " Meet up at Lifestyle with Sherry and Divya.". She smiled and muted it. "It is called a double bond", she completed the sentence.

She could barely conceal her excitement as she applied the L'Oreal Extraordinaire Liquid Lipstick in Rose Symphony on her lips. She picked up the blending brush and blended the NYX eyeshadow in Violet and now she was ready to go. She was going to be seeing two women who had a fantastic sense of style and she was hoping to get some tips from them to update her own, very sadly put together, western wardobe.

She got into the bus and looked at her watch. It was 12.20pm. Hopefully the crowd would not be too crazy yet. These two women were popular as YouTubers and bloggers, and there would definitely be quite a few people (read as young girls) waiting to meet them.

She walked into Lifestyle to see that it looked quite peaceful. Sherry was busy chatting away some ladies and it looked like she had known them for years. Not wanting to disturb the conversation, she started looking at accessories by Ginger and quickly picked out a few things that she loved. How easily the mind gets distracted. 

Having loaded her bag with accessories she looked around and wondered what to do. She must have looked like a lost lamb because Divya walked up to her and asked her is she wanted help to shop. She was just awestruck at how simple and sweet Divya was. Within minutes she was comfortably talking to Divya about how after 4 years of dressing in saris for work, she seemed to lack any sense of style in Western attire. She wardrobe that was filled with clothes never seemed to fit any of the occasions. Within minutes Divya had her in a yellow crop top, a superbly fitted pair of jeans, and sheer black long top. It was very unlike her usual looks. Divya also loaded her with a bunch of tips on how to find the right pair of jeans, possible ways to choose tops to flatter her body type and made her think about how to shop her own closet. Having a personal shopper for that afternoon was a wonderful feeling. 

Now she decided she had to quickly catch Sherry for a selfie before heading out but Sherry was swamped! There was a bunch of giggly teenagers waiting to meet her. Besides that there were few other girls who were just constantly asking her for tips. She just silently followed Sherry around and kept listening to all the tips she gave to the other girls. After all you can learn a lot from just observing. She hoped that Sherry wouldn't think she was some sort of creepy stalker. Finally, after about 45 minutes of just hovering around, she managed to get Sherry to herself for exactly 120seconds and got a picture. It seemed so unreal to be meeting  a person whom she had seen on YouTube for so long, here in flesh and blood. 

Now that her day was made, she paid for all the accessories and made her way to Forever 21 in Garuda. Having heard so many sing praises about the affordable accessories available there, she just had to check it out.She had come so far anyway. 

After grabbing a few pieces from Forever 21, she bought herself some yummy cookies and called it a day. What a day it had been indeed. An afternoon very well spent.

Hey guys, so I hoped you liked my short story. I thought I would also very quickly share what all I bought.

This is what I bought from Lifestyle. I found that the latest range of accessories from Ginger are so affordable.

A layered gold chain- 250INR
I love this. It is so minimalist but so classy.

Gold hoops- 199INR
I LOVE hoops and was searching for a new pair.

Gold bracelet- 299INR
I was looking for a bracelet of this style. Regular bracelets with hooks just don't my extra small wrist.

Black footwear with metallic trims.- 899INR
I have this amazing pair of blue sandals with silver metallic trimmings and now I have one in black with gold trimmings. Such a versatile piece.

From Forever 21.

Layered silver chains-329INR
I thought it was a layered chain that was joined, but it turned out to be two different chains at different lengths. That is so cool!

Gold hoops-199INR
 you can never have too many hoops.

I am loving all these pieces and if you follow me on Instagram you would definitely know that. Am thinking of doing an outfit post where I have styled these pieces, what do you think?

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