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Milestones: 400th post + 500 followers on IG

On an average, I write 400 words per blog post. So 400 words * 400 posts means I have written about 1,60,000 words. That is pretty much the size of a novel.

So what's changed over 400 posts?

My writing style. It is a lot more candid, a lot more honest and not just me writing a list of pros and cons. I have allowed for my natural story telling style to creep into my posts and I have never been happier with the content on the blog.

My pictures. From a just a single swatch picture, I have graduated to taking pictures with different backgrounds, different angles and what I believe it is bit more creative (?). Maybe there is still some more that I could try to do for the pictures. Okay maybe a lot more.

My niche. I am slowly moving towards the genre that I started out to do- a personal style blog with focus on ethnic wear. I love that fact that I have managed to do a series on different styles of wearing saris. I love that I have been able to Indianize my dresses into kurtas. Now the title IshtyleAwhile feels justified.

My blogging process. Initially I blogged very randomly. There was no structure to my posts. No schedule to my blogging. However I am a very organized person per nature. Once I was able to bring about a methodical approach to the way I blog, everything just seemed to fall into place. It ensured that I blog more regularly. In the entire year of 2013 I had 76 posts and so far since Jan 2015 I already have 107 posts up.

My social media presence. I started an Instagram account and Twitter account only for the sake of the blog. I probably would not have done so otherwise. Speaking of which, I just noticed yesterday that I have crossed 500 followers on Instagram which definitely calls for a small giveaway. Head over to IG, my handle is @ishtyleawhile. Follow me so that you will not miss the giveaway.

My makeup skills. I am definitely much better at applying smooth foundation, a perfect winged eyeliner, a smudged kohl, and that classic red pout. I have done bridal makeup for my friends and gotten tons of compliments for it.

My outlook. It has taken 400 posts and close to 4 years of blogging for me to be comfortable about telling people that I am a blogger. I approach my wardrobe in a very different manner, always looking at how I wear a single item in multiple ways. My impulse buys have reduced in both the makeup category and clothes. In fact, I am currently revamping my entire look one step at a time to suit the upcoming days of when I will officially step out of my 20s.
Step one of that has been to clear out my makeup stash to almost half of what it was. Do expect a blog sale in the next few weeks. Next step is clothes and accessories.

Overall being a blogger has changed me. It has made me squeeze creativity out of every brain cell in an attempt to push my ability as a blogger further. It has made me rethink the image that I portray on the worldwide web. It has made me identify my ishtyle.

"And I have miles to go before I sleep..."

miss kays