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My tips for Street Shopping + Styling feat SindhuJP

No matter what the latest styles come from the runway into the branded stores, there is a certain joy in street shopping. We've all been there where we've haggled with the sales guy (have you noticed it mostly men who have the best streetside wares), we've walked away only to be called back by their incessant 'madam, madam' calls. Even those of us who love out brands, can't resist a good bargain from a small store stall on the roadside.

In Bangalore, street shopping is synonymous with Commercial Street and Brigade road. 

Here are my tips for effective street shopping.

Tip 1. Go with loads of patience. 
To find the perfect pair of earrings for that lime green anarkali you own can take time. Even in a mall it takes times, but on the streets you need to have the patience to sift through loads of earrings dumped in tiny box to buy The ONE earring that will make your outfit complete.

Tip 2. Take as much change as possible. 
Don't walk into a streetside store and hand over a 1000rupee note for a chain that costs 100bucks. Take smaller notes especially 10s and 20s. Break the bigger notes at a store where you end up buying more items. After you have already haggled the hell out of the store guy to bring the price down to 90INR, you really don't want to irritate him by handing over a big note and begging him for change. 

Tip 3. Bargain, but don't be cheap
The point of street side shopping is definitely to find good bargains. However don't forget that selling those items is the job of that guy. It is what brings in the moolah for his day to day life. Don't be atrocious in your bargaining. Do your research of how much you can pay for a particular product and don't ask for a rate lower than that. There is no point in having a raging conversation with the shopkeeper on how much he has overpriced the product and how you can get it cheaper elsewhere. You may win because he may just give in after being completely irritated by you. This however brings in a lot of negativity. So avoid that. 

Tip 4. Set a budget. 
It is so easy to go overboard when shopping on the streets. You keep picking up stuff for 50INR and 100INR and before you realise it, you would have spent atleast a thousand or two. Set aside a certain amount of cash to spend on shopping and once that is all spent, turn around and go home. 

Tip 5. Know hindi or a a local language. 
Bargaining in english just doesn't cut it. To get the best deals you need to be able to speak in hindi or a local language. Or take someone along who can do that for you. Don't forget to speak courteously. Somehow we tend to forget that the shopkeepers are humans too and not aliens set out to fleece us. 

Tip 6. Check and recheck the product
This applies for anything you buy from the street side. Check the hems and seams in clothes. Check the hooks and joints in any accessories you may buy, especially chains. Check for any missing stones in earrings/ bracelets.  Wear footwear and make sure it isn't cutting into your foot anywhere. Make sure the edges are smooth. You may not get the best quality products like you would in a branded store, but the least you can do is ensure that the products you are getting are not compromised in any way. Remember there is no exchange policy in street shopping.

Tip 7. Carry water and snacks. 
Ideally you are looking at a good  3-4 hours of shopping, if not more. Keep yourself hydrated. Don't shop when you are tired and hungry, you will definitely make dreadful decisions. Stop once you hit that saturation point.

Tip 8. Have fun. 
I mean the purpose of this is to chill out and have fun with your friends while picking up some great goodies for your wardrobe. 

Now moving onto what are my favourite buys from street shopping. Funnily enough none of these are from Commercial street.

This long skirt is from the streets of Bombay, THE place for bargain shopping. It was love at first sight with this skirt. The black and white colour scheme, the elephant print and the wrap around. I bought this for 200INR and I have had it for more than 4 years now. I styled this with a top from Jealous jeans, my favourite oxidised metal jewellery and a winged liner

Dancing around

Check out my slipper

Doesn't my hair look amazing!

I loved this picture too much. Had too share it

This is a harem pant with pockets and a slightly more hippy style. I didn't buy this. My sister bought this for me from the streets of Hampi. Until Sindhu suggested a street style post, I didn't even think of wearing it. I wore it and I loved it!! The top is from Jealous jeans. Yes yes I love the top. The stole is a brilliant buy from the streets of Pune, again courtesy my sister. I went for an arm full of thin metal bangles, and statement earrings. I cannot believe this is me. I mean I look so different and I love it!!

The colours on the tree were too pretty

Giving some attitude

Full on attitude

Okay this is more me

We took the style to the streets

Ok well this post has been waaay to hyper. Must be something in the green tea that I am drinking as I type this.

If I have managed to bore you to death, then head over to Sindhu's blog for a change of tone. This is my first collaboration with SindhuJP and I am really excited!! We've been talking about it for so long and now it is finally happening. Here is a sneak peek!

Do let us know what you think about the tips, the styling and the collaboration. 

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Picture Credits: Francis Roshan