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REVIEW: Biotique Bio Berberry Refreshing Makeup Remover

I always feel like Biotique is a brand that is not shown enough love. I know I have been using many of their products for years now and some of them are staples in my skincare and hair care. They are so much a part of my routine (like toothpaste) that it never struck me that I hadn't reviewed them.

Today I am going to reviewing Bio Berberry Refreshing Makeup Cleanser from Biotique.

Priced at 170INR for 120ml.

Biotique has a very standard packaging. A simple plastic bottle with a green cap. The makeup remover is of a liquid cream consistency. I don't like using this remover for my eye makeup. I find that if it goes inside the eye, it stings. Also since this is not a bi-phased remover so getting mascara and waterproof eyeliner off is very difficult.

How I love to use this product is for my face makeup. Once I have removed my eye makeup, I take a bit of this product in my palm and apply it to my face like a normal moisturiser. I like to massage it in a bit. Once I have worked the product into my skin, I use a wet wipe, or more precisely,I like to use the Johnson baby wipes. I find that they are very moisturising and rather then use a cotton pad or a cloth, this wet wipe works very effectively.

Once I have wiped off all the makeup, I use a facewash for that squeaky clean feel.

This is at the end of the day, with some makeup remaining on my face.

The consistency

Massaging onto my face

You can take it directly on the cotton and apply as well.

After removing all the makeup and just splashing water on my face

The reside on the baby wipe

When removed with cotton. You can see the foundation coming off.

The reason I prefer using this makeup remover for my face makeup is because of the cream like texture. I find that the bi-phased makeup removers are best used with cotton pads and given that my skin is kind of sensitive, the cotton or cotton pads feel harsh. Also I feel like the foundation never comes off completely with a bi-phased makeup remover and my skin just feels dry.

With the Biotique Bio Berberry remover, my skin feels refreshed. Sometimes, even if I don't have makeup on, I like to use this and the baby wipe just for that fresh feeling at the end of the day. It is a routine I follow once I am back from work and then only I sit down to do anything work.

I just finished the bottle that I have and I am definitely going to repurchasing this. I do have other makeup removers to test, but I need this in my stash.

Do let me know if you have ever used this makeup remover before. And if not, have I managed t convince you to try it?

miss kays