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REVIEW: Juicy Chemistry Cell Construction Serum

-Review by Lakshmi

What do we girls (and sometimes the guys) dream of these days?? Prince Charming? To eat without putting on weight? Or to have clear, bright glowing skin? I dunno about you ladies out there, but for me the latter two rank pretty high. And of course, like any self – respecting human being, I am lazy, want instant results and won't put in much effort for it in the first place.

So, if you are like me folks, I got very good news for you! Someone has cracked the one – stop hack to glowing skin (Finally! It was about time, yeah??!).  That someone is – Juicy Chemistry.
I have been using the Juicy Chemistry Cell Construction Serum for about a month now and I am delighted with the results. Let me tell you what it is first.

The cell construction serum - a combination of Rosehip seed oil, Jojoba oil, Almond oil, Lavender essential oils and a host of other essential oils. This mixture is supposed to help repair mature and dull damaged skin and hasten tissue regeneration, help regain elasticity, reduce the appearance of wrinkles and spots. It also is supposed to heal scars, fade stretch marks and reduce toxins – the whole nine yards.

In other words, it is a yellow/ golden-ish colour liquid that is good textured, slightly runny and spreads very easily when applied. The best part about it is the smell though. It has a very natural, warm aroma that smells heavenly! Its like all the best essential oils have been concentrated into this one bottle. When applied, it coats the skin as a thin layer and imparts a golden sheen (temporarily). It gets easily absorbed and makes your skin feel soft instantly.

The cell construction serum comes in an innocuous small bottle with a dropper for a lid. The bottle is chromated (brown coloured) to protect the ingredients inside. Now, if you are a package junkie who collects cute bottles or impressively packed products, let me warn you, this could be slightly disappointing. And of course, it is a teensy weensy bottle that holds only 8 ml of the stuff. The whole thing rather resembles a glorified ear drops medicine. For those of us who are used to buying sizeable tubs of night serums and creams in fancy packaging, it can be quite a surprise. The dropper is a nice touch actually, as it helps you measure out the exact quantity required (which is not much, a mere four drops is enough to cover the whole visage and neck… a good thing too, considering the size of the bottle!)

But, as people always tell me, appearances can be deceiving and never more so than in this case. Though I was eagerly waiting for my serum to be delivered, I confess to being slightly taken aback – both by its size and the pharmaceutical, rather stern appearance. Those misgivings lasted only till I used it for the first time though! The relaxing scent, the smooth easy spreading liquid and the suppleness of my skin afterwards made me a believer! And guess what, the relaxing scent actually helps me sleep at times and once, it even helped alleviate a blocked nose! Trust me, am mind – blown. Truly.

Juicy Chemistry claims that its product is 100% natural, which is why the whole deal with a light protected bottle comes into play. In retrospect, the small quantity actually makes sense. Without preservatives, it might not last that long and I don’t know about you guys, but I have a history of throwing away left over products that I stopped using as they crossed their expiry date. Rest assured that it wont happen in this case. Not only is this product too precious to throw away, but it also comes in the right amount that we can actually use consistently.

So, coming to the effects – Does it really help tissue regeneration, lessen spots and wrinkles and blah? Well, I don’t know about scars or wrinkles and spots but I can definitely tell you that it keeps the skin well hydrated and gives it a nice glow (with repeated use, say after two weeks). Consistency is important though. I did not apply it for four days in a row In between and I was not happy to see the ‘glow’ fading.

Which reminds me, I do not think this bottle is travel friendly. I mean, the small size makes it easy to carry around and all. But the point is, it is made of glass and I was forever wrapping it up in socks or towels to carry it around. It did make me think fondly of my previous night cream that came in a plastic tub. I would stick into my bag how I please and not worry about spillage even once. In fact, the hassle of wrapping up (plastic cover, then cover in socks and then secure it firmly by stuffing some clothes around so that it doesn’t break and worse, spill on my dresses) was so much that I left it at home while I went vacationing (hence the four day break in application).

And, lets not forget the pricing. Though I technically did not pay for it, I think paying 300INR for a tiny bottle that lasts me exactly three weeks (at a pinch) is slightly on the higher side. Plus there is the added worry of transporting it. Say, if you go for a one night stay – over at your friends place, then you would obviously dump things pel-mel into one large handbag and head out. Would you really take that extra effort to preserve the original packaging or do multiple wrapping? Now, I am not saying it would break. I am sure that the Juicy Chem people have used good quality material that last. But hey, end of the day, it is glass. Would you really take that chance?

So Bottom line – Is it good? Yes. Does it work? YES. Does it do ALL the things it is supposed to do? Frankly, I dunno. Do I like it? Yes absolutely! Will I buy it again? Hmm, probably yes. Despite the price, I do think it is a good investment. And will I recommend it? A whole hearted yes! 

Thank you Juicy Chemistry for this awesome product. Though I would appreciate a better pricing and packaging (not because its not fancy, only because it might be brittle) I am happy with it. You guys have totally nailed it and I am one satisfied customer! Kudos!!

Editor's note- That was on hell of a detailed review, Lakshmi. I mean if you still haven't decided that you want to buy it after this review, I am sure nothing else can convince you.

What is your thoughts on this? Do share it with us in the comments section.

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Disclaimer- The product was sent at a discounted price for our honest reviews on it.