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REVIEW: Oriflame The One Volume Blast Mascara

I realised I hadn't reviews this mascara only when I was clearing out my makeup collection. I have had this for over 6 months so it is time for this to go.

I used this mascara a lot during the months of March and April. 
Price 529INR for 8ml.

Okay so I didn't actually buy this mascara. I was lucky to win in a FB game that Oriflame has hosted when The One range was launched. It was basically a slot machine game and it was sheer luck that I won and got a chance to try this mascara out. 

I didn't use this mascara until my trip to Manali in March. In fact I opened it for the first time only then. It says that it a volume blast mascara, but I feel it more lengthening that volumizing. 

With no mascara

With one coat

With one coat

With two coats

The packaging is a simple magenta-ish plum colour tube with silver writing. It is a pretty looking mascara. The wand is a synthetic one with very short bristles. The one issue that I have with brush is that if you are not careful, it can poke your eye ball and it hurts. I am talking from personal experience. So do be careful while using it.

Not a waterproof mascara, and not really water resistant as well. Don't wash your face with this on. It does run. However it does come off easily with makeup remover

Overall it isn't really the greatest mascara that I can 'oh' 'ah' about.  It does a good job of giving length to the lashes and that is it. For the price and the claims that it is a volume blast mascara, I expected a lot more. 

Have you tried The One Mascara by Oriflame? What do you look for in a mascara- Length or Volume?

miss kays