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Review: Shudhvi Natural Sun Jeevani - After Bath Beauty Oil

I have combination ageing skin. Yes yes ageing as well. My skin gets oily in the summer season and when the monsoon sets in, my skin is this confused state of oily and dry. I know you are wondering how that is possible, but apparently it is. I have trouble deciding what moisturiser to use in this season.

Then I received this product from Shudhvi- Sun jeevani, an after bath beauty oil. You may wonder, "She is using an oil on her face when she has oily skin!! What kind of beauty blogger is she??" I was pretty skeptical as well. I do have acne prone skin. The first time I tried this I was pleasantly surprised. It has the faint smell of coconut oil. The bottle is designed in such a way that only a drop at a time comes out. So you don't have to worry about a lot of the product falling out. The bottle is a simple plastic bottle which means you don't have to worry about breakage.You get 50ml for 194INR.  I haven't travelled with this but I think if you cellotape the lid you won't have any leakage issues.

The oil is really light and absorbs quickly onto the skin. Just 2 drops is enough for the entire face and neck. I take the two drops on my finger tips, rub it between the fingers and then tap it into my skin. I like to take one more drop and apply it on the under eye region and tap any remaining only my lips.
Since it is an oil, there is no SPF which may be a problem for some people.

I use this twice a day on my face and I have seen that my skin has been really well hydrated and glowing. Yes I still have acne issues but I feel like since I have started using this oil, my acne has started to settle as well. I have less active acne. I have not looked at moisturizer for my face in over a month. 

Sometimes when I feel like my arms and legs are dry, I apply this and then apply body lotion. It really locks in the moisture. 

I love this oil. It has made me look at oils in a whole new light and I am planning to start including different oils into my skincare routine. 

Have you ever used oils in your skincare routine? If so which ones do you like.

miss kays