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Blog Sale: Oct 2015

Hey everyone

So I have been doing a lot of decluttering. Naturally makeup was the first place I hit, and then skincare.This blog sale took some time to put together because I have a process for decluttering and it took some time to finalise the list. This sale is also in collaboration with Neha from The Lipztickaholic Diaries. Her stuff is also featured here. There is no separate shipping as all the products will be shipped by me. So feel free to shop from Neha's stuff and mine.

This time my blog sale has a lot of new unused products and some products that I have used a few times. A lot of bigger luxury brands are turning up. If you are wondering why the hell I am selling products from MAC and Bobbi brown, well it is simple. I am very seriously revamping my lifestyle and that includes all aspects of my life. "Less is More" is the mantra that I am adopting and trying to incorporate it. I am realising that I want a collection that I love and not just tons of products that I am not using. I don't want to just have products from luxury brands when I am not using them. I feel like I am depriving someone else from having the joy of using such an amazing products.
Okay enough chit chat. Lets get onto the rules.

  • Open only to Indian Residents.
  • Kindly send an email to purchase a product. Write the name of the products clearly in the email. The email is is
  • First come first served. Whoever sends the email to confirm the purchase will get the product. DO NOT leave a comment on this post. Comments are not being taken into consideration for the purchase.
  • All products have the number of times used mentioned. Kindly read everything carefully before purchasing.
  • Do not bid for a product and then back out. Make sure you want a product before you confirm it. All products are reasonably priced. Kindly do not bargain further. 
  • Kindly make the payment within 72 hours after confirming that you want the product or the product will be sold to the next bidder.
  • Everything has been sanitized. As they have been sanitized already, kindly check swatches online before ordering. Nothing will be swatched and sent separately.
  • Shipping is 50INR flat for any orders below 400. For 400 and above, shipping is free + a free gift on every purchase. The free gift may be a nail polish, another makeup item that is not on sale probably due to the depreciation in value or an accessory. The first 5 buyers get to choose their free gift. After that is the luck of the draw.
  • The pictures show the current state of the product. It will be packed properly and sent but we are not liable for any damage that may happen during shipping.

Neha's stuff.
Send an email to to buy anything that interests you.
Some products are being sold as sets.

1.     Gold studs – to sell as a trio (SP – Rs.200/- plus shipping)

2,      Oxidized danglers – to sell as a pair (SP – 100/- plus shipping)

1.        3. Trio of 3 silver danglers – All 3 for 650/-
a.       1st – 250/-
b.      2nd – 300/- (heavy silver)
c.       3rd – 200/-

4.   Blue Heaven Blush & Oriflame Very Me pressed powder – to sell as pair (SP-Rs.250/- plus shipping)- Used a few times.

5. Trio of eyeshadow & pigments – All 3 for 450/- (no shipping)
a.       VOV black shimmer eye shadow – 100/- plus shipping
b.      Etude Pearl powder (silver pigment, can be used dry or wet) – 200/- plus shipping
c.       Etude Pearl powder (golden pigment, can be used dry or wet) – 200/- plus shipping

Used a few times.

6. Chambor Extreme Matte Long Wear Lipcolour in 05 Indulgent Boudreaux – 350/- plus shipping. Used a few times and sharpened. [BOOKED]

7. Trio of Steertwear Ultra Rich Lipcolours –  Rs.150/- each plus shipping; All 3 for Rs.350/- (no shipping if all 3 bought together)
a.       No.11 – Pink Passion
b.      No.2 – Very Vampire
c.       No.19 – Pink Pirouette

 Krupa's (ME) items

8. Sleek Blush by 3 in Lace- SP- 750INR (No shipping)  [SOLD]
Brand new. Never swatched.
I have too many blushes so even though I bought this I decided to sell it.

9. Benefit Porefessional sample size 7.5ml. SP- 400INR (No shipping)
Never opened.
I have another sample size that I am using and I would like to finish that before I go to the next primer. I want this to be used before it hits expiry.

If you buy the Sleek Blush and Benefit together, SP will be 1000INR + a free gift

10.MAC skinlights in Lightflush- SP- 400INR (No shipping) 
Used a few times. [SOLD]
Highlights my imperfections too much. But it is a beautiful blush/ highlighter.

11. Colorbar Shimmerbar in Coral- SP- 200INR + shipping
Used a few times. [BOOKED]

If you buy both the MAC highlighter and the Colorbar Shimmer brick. SP is 500 + a free gift

12. Bobbi Brown Shimmer Brick in Rose. SP: 1500INR/- (no shipping) [SOLD]
Used a few times. To shimmery for my oily acne skin. That is why I am selling it. It is my most prized possession but sadly I have to let someone else use it. 

13. Revlon Colorburst Lipstick in Lilac- SP 200INR + shipping.
Used a few times

If you buy both the Bobbi Brown and the Revlon lipstick then SP is 1700INR + a free gift

14. Fall lip colours sets- SP 400INR (no shipping)  [SOLD]
From left to right
a. LA Splash Lip couture. (From Fabbag. Not used or swatched)
b. L'Oreal Rouge Flamboyant (swatched a few times)
c. Lakme Satin Enrich in 270 (used a few times )
I have paired these because I think they would make a great set together.

15. Rimmel Apocalips in Stellar. SP- 200INR + shipping. (featured on the right side of the picture)
Used once. [SOLD]
Too bright for me. I bought it thinking I could make it work, but I just can't.

16. Mirenesse Lip Bomb in no 34. SP- 1750INR (featured on the left side of the picture)
Never used or swatched but I did open it and break the seal.
I realise that this is too bright for me and I really just got it on a whim. But once I opened the tube I knew that it was not my colour and I didn't use it.

17. Nail set.
Lakme 9-5 set. Peach Promotion (used once) and Rust Project (never used)

18. LAQA & Co Little Lip Duo SP: 700INR
Never used. I had this shipped from the US by my best friend but I got the same brand in my Fabbag and never used this. That is why I am selling it.
I would like to sell this as a set. It can be sold separately only if other products worth 400INR or more are bought.

Comment below with which items you would like to buy.The comment will go into moderation but I can see them, so do not worry. Do leave your email id in the comment and I will email you to confirm the sale. Once the confirmation is made, you must make the payment within 72 hours or the products will go back on sale. 

Happy Shopping you guys.

miss kays