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EXPERIENCE: The Lipztickaholic Diaries at O2 Spa, Koramangala

I have had a very hectic few weeks with shooting for the Navrathri series and getting the video for the Youtube channel in place (I am still getting used to saying that), I am dying for some relaxation time. A spa session is definitely beckoning me. I was supposed to have gone for a session with Neha before the mayhem of Navrathri started, but that didn't work out. So Neha ended up going alone and lets see what she has to say.

Hi Everyone,

When our very own Miss Kay offered to send me to the O2 Spa in Koramangala, to review its services, I jumped at the offer! She was actually giving this Mommy Blogger a dual offer – A chance to write for IshtyleAwhile, the very first blog I wrote for as a beauty blogger & of course a refreshing  break from the usually grinding week - a SPA day just for me! There was no way I was going to say NO ;-) My appointment was set for 10.30am on Wed & I received a message from the Spa to confirm it, the previous evening. Wednesday morning dawned & I set off for a day of surrendering to some much-needed pampering.

Arriving at the Spa - Slightly tricky to locate inside the Grand Mercure Hotel in Kormangala, the O2 Spa is tucked away neatly in a quiet corner to the right of the hotel’s beautiful Swimming pool. The receptionist Imran, welcomed us (Krupa & I met together) to the Spa. I had mentioned that I’d be interested in the Aromatherapy massage & so he explained the different therapies I could choose from. The sound of Ylang Ylang & Lavender was too good to be passed off, so I went in for the ‘Relaxation Therapy’. I also chose a short session of Foot Reflexology therapy to follow my spa session. (Editor's note- I must tell you that I had a tough time finding the place and that was because the road that led directly to it was dug up and I had to go around a bit)

Relaxation Therapy – My therapist Chesham introduced herself with a warm, friendly smile & gave me a fresh towel & disposable garments to change into. Once I was changed & ready, she tucked me under the covers & started the Relaxation Therapy. This particular therapy involves a blend of Lavender & Ylang Ylang oils massaged into the body for 60 mins, with a medium-pressure massaging technique. I had my last spa session in 2011 and didn’t want something harsh all of a sudden, so I chose this therapy J. The gentle, soothing music transported me mentally to a calm & serene place …like, I don’t know.. Bali..!! During the session, my therapist often checked with me if I was comfortable with the pressure she applied. She was very good at her skill & changed the pressure according to my comfort level on different parts of the body. I could feel all the tension, aches, pains just melt away. I was in Spa Heaven for the 60 mins that I was being given the therapy, so much so that I didn’t even realize the session was coming to an end. My therapist then started a warm shower for me in the attached shower cubicle & asked me to take my time. I liked that she gave me ample time & complete privacy to shower & change, given that I was half sleepy from the wonderful massage! I barely managed to mumble a simple thank you. Once showered & changed, I was taken to the Foot Reflexology area.

Foot Reflexology – The Foot Reflexology area was more like a lounge..a seating area which was decorated in great taste & dimly lit just like the therapy room to maintain that sense of serenity. The boudoir style of d├ęcor reminded Krupa & I, of the movie Sex and the City 2 where the Girls go to Abu Dhabi. Chesham continued as my therapist for the day and made sure I was comfortable on the recliner. She then she wiped down my feet with warm towelettes to begin the foot massage. I mentioned one particularly painful callous on my foot which she very skillfully avoided while putting pressure on different parts of the foot. She used a mildly fragrant and slightly warm cream, which was extremely relaxing. I felt bad for my feet which sometimes don’t even get a decent, regular pedicure, let alone a foot reflexology session from me. So when they did, I drifted into a short Power Nap, which I thought was their way of saying ‘Thank you…Finally!!’! ;-) Post the 30 mins session, the therapist brought me some refreshing, apple flavoured green tea. I thanked Chesham, for the luxurious hour & a half I had & chatted up with her a bit while sipping my tea. The warm beverage in the palm of my hand, the therapist’s calm presence & the soothing ambiance brought a wonderful end to my lovely spa day!

My thoughts – The O2 Spa is slightly more expensive than the other spas that I have been to, but it’s totally worth it if you wish to really indulge yourself or a loved one! Hint to Husband has already been passed on ;-) It’s a great place to simply unwind & because it’s located away from the hustle bustle of the main hotel, it’s like a small retreat in itself J Thanks to Krupa, I got to break away from my normal duties for a day & indulge in some serious pampering of the body & soul. A definite must-visit, O2 Spa gets full marks from me for its lovely services! 
(Editor's note- We got to know that the reason the charges vary for each location is because the service tax varies depending on the location. That is why this particular O2 spa was slightly more expensive than the rest.)

Okay so if you are wondering why Neha keeps talking about me being there when I had mentioned that I couldn't make it for the spa session, that's because I went to see the place and click pictures of it before she went into for the therapies. 

I am so glad that I could help Neha relax for a morning. Neha and I met through Instagram and went on to meet up, do makeup swaps and become friends. Now she is a blogger herself and I cannot be happier for her. head over to The Lipztickaholic Diaries to follow Neha's journey through makeup and skincare.

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*Disclaimer: The services were offered in return for our honest review.