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Lets Talk: All about having a schedule + Changes

Hey guys...
So I know a few of you were expecting a special post today but I am not done with editing that post. It will go up on Saturday.
Speaking of posting, I am making a small change in my posting schedule for the month of October.

First let me talk about having a schedule. All through August and September I was posting three times a week- Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday. Let me tell you that having a schedule has been amazing!! I have been forced to plan my posts and get them done on time. I can't just brush them off and keep postponing the editing and compiling. It really made me up my game. Having a blogging schedule made me a lot more organised. I was able to bring in a lot more variety and I have really gotten into the groove of having a schedule. I found that my blog views also increased a lot when I was posting more regularly. Not just regularly, but on a consistent day and time. 

For the coming month i.e.October, I will changing my schedule a bit. There is a reason for this. Besides my blog, I work a full time job and well I take tuition. The teacher in me cannot let go of teaching and interacting with students. October is a really crucial month for me as a tuition teacher because it when my students get a good chunk of holidays and I get to work very intensively with them to prepare for their Boards. It is essential that I spend quality time with them because after this is just gets more hectic for them.

October is also the month of Navrathri. Last year I did a Navrathri special series and I intend to do the same this year. Last year I did different styles of tying saris. You will have to wait and see what I do this year. So besides my regular posts, I have to prepare for the Navrathri special as well. All this needs a bit more time, hence I will be posting only twice a week- Wednesday at 10am and Saturday at 12noon. 

Oh oh I also have some really great collaborations in the pipeline. I am so happy that I have been able to put out top quality content to you and I want to keep that going. In fact, I want to get better, so I am working really hard on these new collaborations.

Okay that has been chit chatty enough. Let me just quickly summarise my new posting schedule will be Wednesday at 10am and Saturday at 12 noon. This will be in effect from Oct 3rd. There will also be a Navrathri special series. 

Stay tuned for this and more you guys.



P.S Saturday's post may or may not have something special to celebrate crossing 500 followers on Instagram. Shhh...