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Navrathri Day 1: Looking Festive at Work with Priniva

Navrathri is my favourite festival. I get so many days to play dress up and so many sweets, and well let us not talk about the aftermath of all those sweets. So last year I did a Navrathri series where I wore saris in different styles and tried to keep up with the colours set for the 9 days.

This time I am doing a Navrathri Series again, but it won't be just outfits. I have some makeup looks also planned. 

Kick starting the series, is an outfit post and well since the first day's colour is Red, I have a red coloured outfit. 

This is a new kurta that I got from Priniva. A simple cotton kurta with a blue contrast border on the sleeves and the bottom of the kurta. There is also a very small piping along the neckline, sleeves, and at the bottom of the kurta that is  of a khaki shade. This is adds a very subtle pop and also ties in the entire look. The one thing I want to mention is that there is a shade difference between what is on the sleeves and what is on the bottom of the kurta. I found that a bit odd, but maybe it is part of the design?

I chose to pair this with white salwar bottom but you could choose to get a salwar bottom that has the same colour and pattern as the kurta. That would down play the look a bit more. 

I feel that red is a very festive colour and if you wear this to work with oxidised silver accessories, it enhances the ethnic look. 

I remember when we were in college and we had Ethnic Day, it basically meant that we get to dress up, look pretty and refuse to pay attention to class. Even the teachers gave up trying to get us to settle and attend class. However you can't afford to tell your boss at work that you are dressed up too much to work. It is important to strike a balance between bringing out the festivities in the air and also being taken seriously at work. 

I kept the makeup simple and neat and also combed my hair into a sleek ponytail. I had just gotten my hair done a day ago otherwise it never looks like this. You can also go for a French Braid. I love how that looks with jhumkas. 

For footwear I have two options- a nice glittery stone encrusted pair of slippers, if you like to add some bling. For those of you who are not into that idea of shiny footwear, I added a pair of metallic flats. You could also opt for white colour footwear to tie the whole thing together.

So this is the complete outfit.

Tell me how you like to dress for work during the festive season. 

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