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Navrathri Day 3: Hair care for the festive season.

So after two days of outfits I thought I would throw in something different for the third day.

The one thing I have always prided myself on is my hair. I have wavy, voluminous frizzy hair that has started to grey (a bit) but in general I have great hair days. I do have hair fall but not a crazy amount. My hair can be a bit of a wild child, but I am learning to control it these days. My hair has almost always gotten me compliments and I do my best to maintain it.

Normally I would use just regular coconut oil, but with so many festivities coming up, I decided to give it a bit more attention and started using Shudhvi Hair Care Oil about 6 weeks ago. I think you guys may seen me flaunt my hair is so many outfit posts. Isn't that enough proof?

The oil comes in a simple plastic bottle. It has a very interesting smell. It smells a bit like ghee with some camphor and a bit of neem thrown in it. I love how it smells but it could be a bit overwhelming for some. The best way to use it is to leave it overnight. It is a pretty heavy oil, do cover your pillows so that they don't get stained. By morning I can feel that all the oil has been absorbed and my hair feels a bit sticky. I wash it off with Biotique Green Apple Shampoo and well sometimes I apply conditioner, sometimes I don't.

What it is has done for my hair is reduce the hair fall. I can see small baby hair growing at the hairline. I feel like my hair has gained a bit of density. I am quite happy about that.

What it hasn't done for my hair is that is hasn't reduced frizziness. My hair feels smooth but it is still as wild as ever. The ends of hair still feel pretty dry. I think maybe if I get my ends trimmed and use it regularly, I will be able to maintain my hair better.

Here is some pictures of my hair without any styling. Just washed and air dried.

Overall I have a fairly good impression of this oil. Priced at 315INR it may seem a tad expensive. However for the quantity that comes, I think it will last 6 months or more. In the last 6-7 weeks that I have use barely one-third of it. Completely worth investing in.

So how do you take care of your hair during the festive season?

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*Disclaimer- The product was sent for review by the PR.