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Navrathri Day 9: The Sky Blue Sari Skirt

Fashion is about experimenting. Having a fashion blog means you have to show your experiments to the world wide web.

This past year I have been planning my outfit posts very meticulously. I try the outfit beforehand. Mix and match with various combinations to see how it works. Write it down and then finally style it for the shoot. 

This is my latest experiment.

This is a skirt but I have tied a sari in this form. The whole six yards wrapped and tucked in around my waist. (I know I look slightly more bulky than normal)

Why would I do that you ask?

This sky blue silk cotton was one of the first saris that I ever bought. Well my parents bought it for me but I went shopping for it with them. I think it was Diwali one year. Not very sure. Anyway the point is that I really loved it. Unfortunately I out grew the blouse and then stopped wearing it when my sari collection expanded. Recently I rediscovered it and wanted find a way to start wearing it again. (I do still need to get a blouse stitched).

I love lehengas and long skirts. I feel the flowy silhouette really suits me. I chose to wear this sari in a skirt style because it is extremely light. Even with so many layers, I could prance about easily.

The top I chose is one that had been in my wardrobe for a very long time. It is a Wills Lifestyle top from their designer collection. This one is by Rohit Bal. The detailing at the neckline is gorgeous and I didn't want to take away from that so that was the other reason why I wore this sari as a skirt and not in the traditional style. The only problem with this top is that it makes me look slightly bulky. I think that is why I stopped wearing it.

I think it is a practical way to re-purpose your skirt and if you don't want to cut it up and get it altered, then this is the best option. Otherwise head over to your tailor and get him to restitch it. (Of course if it is my tailor he will take a couple of months to hand over one completed item, and that too after 15 phone calls and visiting his shop 5 times. Are all tailors like that??)

I accessorised it with this gorgeous set from Hasta Kaushalam that I had already featured on Day 4 .

I had so much fun trying out this new style. What do you guys think? Let me know in the comments section below.

:miss kays