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Review: Clothist [VIDEO]

So today I have a service review for you guys. And when I say guys, I mean it is for the menfolk in your life- the fathers, the brothers, the boyfriends, the husbands and the besties (I have guy best friends, don't you?)

The idea is to ease the shopping experience for men. Why men? Because, well let's face it, barring a handful, the rest detest the idea of going shopping. The crowded malls, the overwhelming number of choices, the inability to buy something that they like and yet manage to look fashionable enough to make their ladies happy, makes "shopping" associated with a torture cell. This is where CLOTHIST steps in to restore harmony in the house and your relationships.

You have to fill out a lifestyle form so that they can understand what your (I mean the man's) personal style is. If you don't have a particular style, then just tick off colours, and prints that you prefer. They also ask you about your budget, and rest assured, everything that they curate is branded stuff, so there is no worry about the quality. This takes all of about 5 minutes. With that your job is done. Now The Clothist takes over. Their stylists will curate clothes that fit into your budget and your lifestyle. Once that is done, they will give you a call and deliver the box of clothes at your place. 5-7 items come per box and they also include belts and socks. After the box has been delivered to you, you can take a few hours to try them on, show them off to your family and then decide which pieces to keep. You have to pay only for the clothes that you would like to keep. They will come and pick up the rest that you want to return. The payment is either by cash or you want to pay by card, they will send a payment link to you via mobile.

On returning the clothes, you need to mention why you did not like those clothes and all these points are noted and added to your information, so the next time the stylist curates your clothes they will have a better idea of your likes and dislikes.

Okay so if you read the title properly you must have seen the fact it says video. No you didn't misread it. There is a video that follows. I got my photographer Francis to try the clothes on so that you can see how they fit.
Some of the

Couple of things I must mention
1) The decision for me to be on camera was a very last minute one. Hence the lack of makeup.
2) We didn't record with a mic, so I understand that there could be some amount of echo, and I apologise.
3) My poor photographer seems to be steam rolled by my decisions. However we discussed what he did like and did not like from the box while he was trying them on, and since he is too camera shy to speak, I am monopolizing the situation. I promise I am merely being the mouth piece for him. This is all his take on the fit of the clothing.

One last thing, as of now this service is available only in Bangalore. Register the men in your life for this service NOW! Head over to to register and get a small discount on your first buy. 

Videography and Video Editing- Anudeep Ayyagari
Model and Video Editing- Francis Roshan
Photography- Krupa L

Okay don't hold back on the comments. Leave the comments here or on YouTube. Oh wow. I have a channel!! That is going to take some time to sink in. 
Also tell us what you think about Francis modelling. I think he should do it more often. What do you think?

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