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REVIEW: Juicy Chemistry Headache Buster

Blessings come in disguise. When I received this product, I was not really sure of how I would review this because well it is a combination of essential oils that are meant to relieve a headache. SO that meant I would need to wait till I had a headache to use it. It so happens that the week after I received this, I fell ill. I was down with a terrible cold, nose block and a headache. This tiny roll on was just amazing!!

Price: 300INR for 10ml
It has eucalyptus oil, peppermint oil with rosemary and clove oil. Such an ideal combination for a cold headache. The next one week found me rubbing this on my forehead and even temples and pulse points. I carried it with me to work and the entire office smelled of eucalyptus oil. I think I may have relieved everyone's headaches. 

The effect does not last too long but I will admit that it is really effective while it lasts. I felt a lot of relief from my blocked nose by just sniffing at this. I think I may have gotten a bit addicted by the end of the week because I still carry it to work. 

Since it is all essential oils, you will have to be careful not not touch your forehead or wipe your forehead on your sleeve as it will leave an oily stain. I liked using it at any time of the day. I really don't mind walking around with an oil forehead. However if you are not as strange as me, you would want to wait for about half hour while it gets soaked in a bit. Sometimes I even used it on my nose. Now I know that's not ideal but I found that using it that way, without getting it into your nostrils, relieved the blocked nose just like Vicks but without the messiness and the stickiness on your fingers. If that doesn't work for you then just open it and slightly inhale the vapours. That should make you feel better.

Overall I found this very convenient to use, effective for a short term,. If you are looking for long term relief, I think consulting a doctor would be the right option. 

miss kays


*I was sent this product by the brand in return for my honest review.