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Asus #HarPalHappiness Diwali Special Offer

Diwali is coming!!! OMG I am so excited. Nope I am not a fan of bursting tons of crackers. We burst a very bare minimum, but the sweets, the meeting people, the new clothes, and lets not forget the gifts, all these get me excited for the festive season! Giving gifts for Diwali is not a Tam Bram custom persay, but hey giving gifts is something that I think requires some amount of thought.

Gift giving has been simplified thanks to online websites like Flipkart. I like to flip through all the offers on these websites when I am bored at work (Shhh don't tell my boss) and the festive season offers are always amazing especially for electronic goods.

The joy giving your family a surprise beats everything else. I know my sister has been needing a new phone for a while and ever since I went for the Asus Zenfone launch I have been eyeing that for my sister. There is no better time than now to look at that because with the Har Pal Happiness offer for this Diwali. What is this you ask?

Every time someone buys a Asus Zenfone they stand the chance to win gift vouchers worth 1000INR from Flipkart and one lucky person will win gold vouchers worth 25,000 INR every day!
So basically you get to see the happiness on your loved one's face when you give them a beautiful phone and you get vouchers for yourself. What a win-win, right?

This offer is only for a limited period so hurry up head over to Flipkart and grab your Asus Zenfone.

miss kays