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Blogger Party at Jean Claude Biguine Spa feat Women's Web


A hair spa + coffee  + chance to meet the first Indian Mills and Boon author. Who says no to that right?? This is how I got to meet Milan Vohra and get pampered at Jean Claude Biguine Salon and Spa.
I walked in to see ladies hanging around, catching up, some were getting  pedicures and some were getting their hair done.

We started the session with flashcards in our hands. We had to find the blogger based on the points written on our flashcards. This meant walking around and asking everyone what niche their blog was and what was unique about them. Then I got started with my hair spa.

*JCB Blogger Party

*JCB Blogger Party

*JCB Blogger Party

I had a really pleasant stylist called Khim. The service that I got done was an Express Hair spa. She washed my hair first then deep conditioned it. She asked me what my hair type was like and chose the conditioner accordingly. I must tell you about the chair that I was seated in while she went through the process of adding life back to my hair. It was SUPER relaxing!! I mean I could feel gentle vibrations that made my back feel like it was in heaven. I actually started to drift away into a sleepy state and didn't hear half of what she said, hence the lack of names of any products. I do know that she used products from the System Professional range. I was rudely awakened by Princy of The Jeromy Diaries and well luckily this was just before Milan started talking.

*JCB Blogger Party

Milan Vohra was a really fun person and hearing talk about she got into writing was quite interesting. She read an extract from her new book "Tick Tock We're 30" while we munched on muffins and sipped on tea. She kept her talk really short and sweet and allowed us to have time to have conversations with each other and her. 

At Jean Claude Biguine

My hair on the next day after the spa session.

We had a major photo session after all the chit chat and got a few goodie from Jean Claude Biguine Spa.

*All the lovely ladies

I am thinking of going back for a haircut and maybe some highlights before my birthday next month.

Thank you so much Women's Web and Jean Claude Biguine for the wonderful time. 

BTW I have started a book review section with the review for Tick Tock We're 30 up on the blog first. Welcome to IshtyleAwhile Reads.

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Disclaimer- All the photos marked with * is taken from Women's Web or Jean Claude Biguine FB page and I do not claim to own them.


  1. seems like a great fun event...your hair are looking gorgeous..

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  3. seems like a great fun event...your hair are looking gorgeous..