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All about the Zivame Fitting Lounge at Bangalore

For a lot of people the word lingerie conjures the image of red, silky, lacy inner wear, something you wear on your wedding night or honeymoon. Not something that you wear on an every day basis. Right?

Well wrong image. Any under garments and night clothes worn by women can be classified as lingerie. Even Wikipedia defines it like that. 

There is a huge notion that surrounds the concept of lingerie, and lets not even get started with the taboo associated with of lingerie, I mean talking about lingerie. Nobody discusses sizes and brands and most importantly the fit. Many women don't even realise the importance of wearing the right size. When I say right size, I don't mean the size you think you are, but the the size you are actually are. The only way to find that out is to get yourself fitted. 

This is where Zivame steps in. Everyone is familiar with, an online destination for lingerie shopping. They have so many brands under one roof and with home delivery, they have just made it less embarrassing to walk into a store which has a male sales assistant and ask for undergarments. A woman is truly spoilt for choice with However there is still this issue of what size one must buy. 

To bridge this gap and also to educate woman on the importance of wearing the right fit, Zivame has opened a Fit Lounge on 100ft road, Indiranagar. 

The idea is very simple. You walk into the store.Get fitted. Try on some various styles and identify which one you like the best. All the styles of Pen.ny and Coucou, which are the in house brands of Zivame, are available at the Fit Lounge for trial. Once you have decided which one works best for you, just order online and it gets delivered to your doorstep.

So who should get fitted?
Every woman from the day she starts to wear a brassiere. 

Why should one get fitted?
There are so many health problems that can arise during wearing the wrong fit. You could develop back pains, neck pains, skin rashes etc. To avoid this, get fitted.

How often must you get fitted?
Just like an eye check up, once every 6 months is ideal. 

Why should you go to a Fitting Lounge to get fitted?
Well you could do it at home. It really isn't difficult to measure your underbust and overbust and then use a size chart and figure out the band size and cup size. However, there is one extra thing which is the bust shape. That is something that you may not be familiar with and this why Zivame has Fit Experts. These ladies are there at the Fit Lounge just to help you find what is style of brasserie is the most comfortable for you based upon your lifestyle as well.

I got myself fitted and found out that I was wearing a wrong size, but that is not uncommon. Studies show that 4 out of 5 women in India wear a wrong size. Now I am more aware of my fit and that is exactly what Zivame is out to achieve- creating awareness.

So go on. Don't be shy. Take a friend along and get fitted. I found my right fit. How about you?

miss kays