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BOOK REVIEW: The Best Seller She Wrote by Ravi Subramanian

Review by Kavya Lakshminarayanan

Bestseller he maybe wrote?

As much as I'd like to give this book a glowing review, since it kept me engrossed enough to finish it in one night, I can't. I doubt I'll be falling deeply in love with Ravi Subramanian anytime soon, as the leading lady in the book does with the protagonist, a banker and writer much like Subramanian himself, after an all-night feast of his book.
I must admit that this is the first time I'm reading anything by this author. I did pick up a copy of the highly recommended The Bankster when it was first published, but never got around to reading it. He has an interesting style. The storytelling keeps you turning pages, as long as you can make it past the ridiculous stereotypical first quarter of the book. If I had a rupee for every time I grimaced at something he'd written, or shook my head in disapproval...

To begin with, it appears as though the protagonist, Aditya Kapoor, is modeled after the author himself, an IIMB graduate who is a banker by profession but also a very successful writer. It makes you wonder if any part of the story is based on real incidents. The story begins and builds in the most predictable fashion. Older man and younger girl, meet-not-so-cute, girl has a change of heart and falls head over heels, man is irresistibly attracted even though he's married and very in love with his wife because that's what men do, of course.

Then the story reaches a point where you have no idea what direction it is heading in. It is at this point that the book actually, finally caught my attention. He definitely managed to hold my attention from here till the end. 
Without giving much away, I can tell you that the story develops in very unexpected ways. While clues are dropped throughout the plot development, the culmination is pretty sudden. More happens in the last few chapters than all the other chapters put together.

The character of the protagonist is built very well, showcasing many different human aspects and emotions. Vanity being high up on that list. The female characters though, were rather poorly developed. The female lead is a supposedly strong young woman lacking an internal moral compass, but racked with insecurity. She behaves too old for her age and then acts like a 13 year old. Even the strong wife of the protagonist who is very secure doing her own thing, crumbles into the female stereotype of irrationality towards the end. As a pretty vehement feminist, I just wish a bit more depth and was showcased. Then again, this isn't their story but Mr. Kapoor's. 
I get that this is meant to be a fast paced, quick "romantic-intrigue" novel, as the author is quoted saying. If you go in expecting just that, you'll enjoy it. 

As my review thus far indicates, I have mixed feelings about the book. Parts of it irked me, but I liked how the plot developed towards the end. The language is pretty standard, nothing spectacular but nothing to complain about. Everyone will comprehend and enjoy it. I'd say this is a book that you need to read for yourself, to decide if it was good entertainment or a waste of a night.

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