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EXPERIENCE: Sisters at O2 Spa, Novotel

Me: "What you doing on Thursday? Lets go to the spa"
Kav: "When?"
Me: "Morning. I have work after that."
Kav: "Yup. Lets go."

This is how my sister and I make plans. Mostly over Whatsapp. Given our schedules there are some days when we barely see each other, forget having a conversation. After the craziness of Dussera, this spa session was a much needed one. We chose to go to the O2 Spa in Novotel hotel. 

The location and the spa.
The hotel is located on Outer Ring Road. The spa is located within the hotel on the 1st floor. To enter the spa you to have pass by the swimming pool and a pretty open seating space with tables and chairs. 

O2 spa at Novotel, Bangalore

O2 spa at Novotel, Bangalore

Once you enter the spa it is peaceful. Smells of lemongrass and has big red chairs for you to recline as you wait. Well we had some waiting time because there was only one therapist. Luckily we had both chosen half hour sessions only so it wasn't too long.

They have totally 4 rooms with 1 couple room and the rest are single rooms. The area where you can get a foot massage done is behind a beaded curtain that makes you forget the outside world.

O2 spa at Novotel, Bangalore

Foot reflexology area

The services

We both chose to go for body wraps. Well actually I wanted to go for a body scrub, but it wasn't offered at this particular location. 

I went for a Ginseng Rejuvenating Body Wrap and my sister went for a Cocoa Butter Deep Moisturising wrap. Funnily enough I could not see the Ginseng wrap on the list when I looked online.

We were given a cool lemon drink as soon as we walked in and had settled ourselves. I went for the therapy first while my sister waited with a book.

Waiting area.

Couples room.

About the Rejuvenating Ginseng Body Wrap.
For some reason I was under the impression that Ginseng would smell citrusy. It didn't really smell that citrusy.  I happened to be in the couples room and so there was a shower and steam attached to my room. If you are in a single room like my sister was, the shower and steam is a common one. So yes, you will have to wrap yourself in a towel and go.
The wrap was relaxing. The masseuse did massage slightly as she applied the body wrap. It is of a slightly thick cream consistency and glides on smoothly. Then she wrapped in sheets for about 15 minutes. After that I sat in the steam for 10 minutes, showered and was done.

About the Cocoa Butter Deep Moisturising Wrap.
My sister was in a single room and unfortunately her room was kind of chill even though the AC was switched off. She was not very happy with having walk across the floor in a towel to find the shower and steam room. Other than that the actual therapy was amazing. She smelt of chocolate for a while and her skin felt moisturised and soft. A lot more than my skin did.

After our sessions we both just chilled out at the foot massage area while munching on green apples.

One thing I would like to mention is that they have only one therapist who comes in for the very first session in the morning. So if you want to go with a friend, I suggest you go a bit later in the day.

Before the therapy

After the therapy.

Overall it was really nice way to spend some sister time and relax on a weekday morning.
How do you like to spend time with your sibling? Let us know in the comments section below. 

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Disclaimer- The services were offered by the spa in return for our honest review.