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Hair Makeover at Jean-Claude Biguine, Whitefield

Hair Makeover at Jean-Claude Biguine

Haircuts. I always get a hair cut before my birthday. I don't remember when I started this strange tradition, but I love it. Without fail I go and get a hair cut for my birthday. It is like my gift to myself. Sometimes I get a drastic cut, sometimes it is just a trim. For my 30th birthday I knew that I wanted to get my hair coloured for the first time. Jean-Claude Biguine was kind enough to offer me a Cut and Colour as a birthday gift!! I mean what more could I ask for.

Waiting restlessly

The Jean-Claude Biguine Salon, Whitefield is in Phoenix Market City. I decided to go via old airport road, which was a big mistake. It is definitely easier to approach the mall from Old Madras Road side. I reached an hour late and was really super pissed at myself.

Step 1: Hair wash

My stylist was Kiran and it was so easy to talk to him. I had taken some pictures of a sample of how I wanted to colour my hair. I wanted either global highlights or ombre streaks. I'll be honest. I was really super nervous. I didn't know whether I would be able to pull off coloured hair.

After a short discussion, we first decided to cut my hair before moving onto the colour. I didn't want to lose the length too much because I do like long hair. I also didn't want bangs, because even though I love them and really look great on me (see here) they do aggravate my pimples and I didn't want that. So Kiran advised me to get layers starting from the shoulder and getting longer. He was really very efficient and finished washing my hair and my hair cut in about 40 minutes.

Step 2: Hair cut

After this it was time to choose the colour. Initially I wanted a burgandy colour. However since I had never coloured my hair before I was very worried about getting it bleached before coloured, which would be necessary if I went for a burgandy colour. We went for Majilift from L'Oreal as this did not require the hair to be bleached before colour. The only problem was there was a possibility that the colour may not be picked up by my hair. I learnt that if you have applied henna on your hair before, it makes it harder to pick up the colour. My hair, being natural virgin hair, shouldn't have too much difficulty picking up the colour, is what he said.

The colour + developer. Looks nothing like the final colour

The colour I chose was a golden brown shade- numbe12.3. I also opted for global streaks instead of ombre ends. Somehow that seemed more elegant than the idea of brightly coloured ends (seemed something the 30 year old me could pull off.)

After this the colouring procedure started. I don't know who has to have more patience, the person getting their hair coloured or the stylist doing the procedure. I wanted just wriggle in my chair. I really can't sit still for long. Kiran used a weaving procedure to select a few strands of hair and apply the colour. Then wrapped it in a foil. There were about 30 foils in all.

Step 3: Hair colouring time

The process

The colouring procedure alone took about an hour. By the time he hit the top of my head for the last last few foils it was over an hour and you could see that the colour had started to take on the lower strands. The reason he chose a weaving technique was so that once the entire hair was done, the coloured strands would get interspersed. This way no two hair styles would look the same because the colour would always be displayed in different sections.

Weaving technique and the colour developing

Hair style of the year. Right??

An hour and 45 minutes later, he had washed off all the colour, I decided that the pampering wasn't enough and went for a hair spa. He mixed two masks- a clear scalp mask and a smoothen infusion mask so that my hair would be hydrated and frizz would be reduced. The hair mask was followed by a head and neck massage and I was in heaven. I kid you not! The hair spa session ended with me sitting for a small heat treatment to ensure that that mask was completely absorbed by my hair.

The hair spa products

Once the mask had soaked in for about half hour or a bit more, he rinsed it and set my hair.

This is the completed look. My hair has never looked more fabulous. I absolutely LOVE it!! Totally worth spending about 5 hours at the salon.

Hair Makeover at Jean-Claude Biguine

Hair Makeover at Jean-Claude Biguine

Hair Makeover at Jean-Claude Biguine

My stylist and me

I am writing this review over two weeks later and the colour still looks fantastic, my hair feels amazing and I am extremely happy with my hair makeover. I never thought that layers would look so good on me and I am glad that their stylist was able to suggest what would look best on me. It shows the experience of the stylist.

Thank you Jean Claude Biguine for this wonderful birthday gift.

What do you guys think of my new hair? Let me know in the comments section below. I am really dying to know what you all think.

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*The services of cut and colour were provided by the brand in return for my honest opinion.