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REVIEW: Selling and Buying at SimplySane

What is your biggest complaint when you open your wardrobe in the morning? If sounds something like "I have nothing to wear" or "I have too many clothes", then welcome to the gang. Given the N number of sales that happen in a year, it is really hard to not shop and sometimes, many a time we get carried away and go a bit overboard. We buy anything that looks pretty even if it is a bit small or tight, and even if it isn't really our style. This is how we accumulate SO much in our wardrobes.

Now what if we could sell our unused clothes or the barely used clothes. Not only would we make back some of the money that we spent, but we would also make space in our overflowing wardrobes. Such a win-win, right??

This is where Simply Sane, started by Runjhun, steps in.  It started as a Facebook community where women would post pictures of clothes, accessories, and footwear, and interested buyers could shop for it.

What was sold at the pop up- shop

Then Verified by Simply Sane was introduced. This is a service where the pieces are picked up and scrutinized by the Simply Sane team to make sure that what the buyer gets is in good condition without any wear and tear or too much of fading of colour. They have hawk-like eyes when it comes to checking the quality of the pieces. I kid you not. Once they are convinced that the item is worthy of being sold, they send it to the customer. They also advise the sellers on what would be an ideal pricing for a particular item.

Simply Sane has also set up pop up shops. I have been to both the pop up shops and it is like a garage sale with items are discounted rates. They care of all the logistics. The items are picked up from the seller's house, the Simple Sane team takes care of verifying the condition of the items. The selected ones go on sale and if your stuff gets sold, they transfer the money to you after the pop up shop. There is nothing you need to do except go and check out the pop up shop to buy some more clothes.

Pop Up Shop at Atta Galatta

Pop Up Shop at Atta Galatta

Pop Up Shop at Atta Galatta

In the last pop up shop that they had at Atta Galatta I had given some items for sale. I sold a jacket and I picked up some pretty jewellery.

Now Simply Sane is moving to a bigger platform- their own website- - which will be up and functional real soon. The website will make it easier to showcase your items for sale and it will even help you price the items based upon usage. For mathematically challenged people like me, that is truly a blessing.

This is still available for sale.

While the idea of buying and selling second hand clothes is nothing new, what I liked about Simply Sane was the efficiency with which the entire set up is run. Be it for the clothes sold on the Fb page or the pop up shops that they organize, as a customer and a seller, I have not faced an issue so far. Kudos to Runjhun and her team.

What is your take on selling your clothes? yay or nay? Let us know in the comments section below.
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