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Top 15 posts of 2015.

Hey everyone

So on the last day of the year I thought it seemed to do a quick roundup of some of the past year on the blog- posts that you have loved, posts that I loved doing and some of my favourite pieces of writing.

So here they are (in monthwise order)

1. One of my favourite makeup looks. I never thought it would turn out so well.
The makeup that I did for the Asus-Indiblogger meet.

2. My favourite dress this year- Tie and dye from Vesa fashions

3. And this blazer has just been used SO much!!! My absolute favourite piece that I got this year- Tie and Dye Blazer from Vesa Fashions.

4. The Desi Girl look with Priniva- I have started to love their creations and am so happy to have collaborated with them.

5. Another makeup look that I love inspired by the movie Piku.

6. A street style outfit that turned out better than I expected.

7. A wonderful collaboration with Triveni ethnics.

8. The quintessential Tam Bram look

9. Another beautiful Priniva creation which paired with purple palazzos

10. Pushing my creative boundaries tying a sari as a skirt.

11. My first post on Men's fashion + first video on YouTube

12. A beautiful lookbook with Shades Of India

13. A lookbook with John Players. This post is special because I was the photographer and my photographer was the model.

14. My hair makeover is definitely my highlight of the year (get the pun?)

15. My birthday dress from Priniva

So these are my favourite posts of the year.. Tell me yours in the comments section below.

Happy New Year. Cheers!!

miss kays