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EXPERIENCE: Parents at O2 Spa, Mantri Mall.

My parents come from pretty traditional Tam Bram families. My mother has pretty much never entered a salon, let alone go to a spa. So as a bit of a late anniversary gift, I sent them to the O2 Spa at Mantri Mall. So what happens when you send your parents to a spa?? Read on to find out. (P.S it is a LOOOONG read. You may want to grab a cup of tea and chill)

Review by G. Lakshminarayanan (aka my dad)

We (as in my wife and myself) were set up for a nice spa session in O2 at Mantri Mall by Krupa.
It was booked for 11:30am and as usual, thanks to Bangalore traffic, (let's just blame it on something!!) we were 15 minutes late.

The manager or the person who manages the schedule sitting at the reception of the spa was very courteous and welcomed us with all that knowing look of “Okay here they are who are going to give feedback on us”. Just kidding!!

There was a welcome drink and we waited in a lounge which was simple and provided us with some kind of insight into how simple the place is.

After a few minutes of waiting my wife was taken in first for her ‘anti-ageing facial’ .. wow exotic! and a little while later the girl with a warm smile took me in for what would be my first Swedish Massage.

Once in, I switched to formal dress code for the massage and lay face down on a bed covered with a clean sheet. My face was in a hole looking at what could have been a fish jar with water and no fish. Starting off with a small conversation of who she was, where she was from the whole massage process began for my back starting from my neck down till my hip. The pressure was verified time and again by the masseuse and it was varied accordingly. The massage started with preparing my back with some stretches and pats and some pressure, oil application and working on my knots wherever they were. Very relaxing and I could have gone off to sleep except that I was consciously staying awake to ensure I don’t miss the experience.

Once the back was completed, the process was repeated to each of my legs from thigh down to the feet and my much feared calf muscles. They normally get knotted on massage and I was happy that the pressure and push were so smooth that the calf muscles withstood that and didn’t flinch (Editor's note- I have the same issues with my calf muscle). In fact I felt them completely loosened up at the end of the session. Then I was asked to turn around face up and then began the process on the my front of the legs, stretching them from end to end and the oil rubbed in with a force which must have ensured that the oil was absorbed deep into the skin and muscles. Once the upper body, stomach chest and shoulders were completed, I got a good head and face massage. Though not as vigorous as it was done in other parts it was very soothing.

All the while the masseur, who is from Nagaland, engaged in a simple conversation. One thing I was worried when my daughter said that the masseur will be a woman, was about the pressure that can be applied by them while massaging. Boy! I have changed my opinion after this experience. The pressure and kneading was as equal to a male if not more at time. Post the massage I sat in a hot steam room for 10 minutes which helped the body to sweat out. Then I had a shower and was out.

The room, the linens were all very neat and were maintained very well. 

I definitely will go back to this place for a different massage, and would recommend people to this place most definitely.

Thanks to Krupa for one good experience.   

Okay so now lets hear what my mom had to say. She felt she wasn't too great at writing, so I am writing it on her behalf. 

There was a first cleanse to remove any residual makeup followed by a milk cleanse. Then a chikoo scrub (this was a bit too granular) was used followed by steaming of the face. A cucumber pack was applied to tighten the pores and then one final cleanse. The massage was very gentle and relaxing. The one thing that my mother did not like was the fact that there is no washroom inside the Spa. You have step out into the mall to go to the washroom. 

While relaxing my mother also picked up some tips for my acne skin. So not only did she come home with soft supple skin, she also came back with some extra skincare knowledge. 

Overall it was an enjoyable experience for both my parents. 

Disclaimer: The service was offered by the spa in return for our honest review.