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Launch of First Handle app + App Review

Purva Jetly and Gaurav Sinha

I love shopping. I do. And I love shopping the sales but sometimes it just overwhelming. Every damn place has offers and weekend special deals. Though your phone keeps pinging because of the incessant messages being sent by stores about their deals, I find myself wishing there was one place where I could see and compare all of the deals in one shot. First Handle is the prayer to people who wish the same as me.

The First Handle Team

Launched about month ago in Bangalore, First Handle has already made waves in Mumbai and Delhi. with over 100,000 consumers and 10,000 merchants. It is available for android and iPhones. 

First Handle is not an ecommerce venture. It merely seeks to connect consumers with the merchants in their locale and keep them updated with any deals that the stores have to offer. It could be a sale, it could be a special discount for just a limited period. In fact not only does it list the major offers going on in malls etc, but it even covers the bakeries and grocery stores in your neighbourhood. Cool na. 

First Handle covers footwear, food and drinks, lifestyle, personal care, baby care and clothing. Just swipe to see the offers in your locality.

This is also useful when you step into a mall. It automatically updates the offers available in the stores so one look at the phone is all you need to decide where you will be emptying your pockets.  

I think what I like best is the fact it even has your local grocery store listed with any offers that they may be offering. This is pretty neat considering that a lot of the time the smaller stores do not get enough of coverage. Especially the smaller bakeries and boutiques.

It is not just for sales. Imagine this scenario. You are walking on Church Street and your favourite haunt is having a buy one drink, get another free offer, but this is a limited period offer. They don't have any signs up announcing this. It is an offer open only to the users of First Handle. The Grab It, option gives you a unique code that you can redeem at the store. Wouldn't that make you feel special?

How I feel about this app?
Very easy to use. The interface has been kept simple for dummies like me. I love the idea of it and it is definitely an interesting app. It needs a few more vendors to come on board to gain the traction in Bangalore. I guess I haven't put it to full use yet, but it definitely has promise, that's for sure.

Have you guys heard of First Handle or used it? Do share your experience in the comments section below.

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