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Makeup for 500 INR challenge

Hey everyone
So it is finally 2016. It feels so weird. I mean I feel like I just got used to writing the date as 2015 and now I have to write it as 2016.

To kick start this year, I thought I would put up an interesting blogger challenge. I'll be honest, I didn't come up with the challenge, it was suggested by Lavanya of Anonymous Beauty Blogger. We've been talking about a collaboration post for quite a while now and after a lot of misses,we decided to take up this challenge. I will be linking Lavanya's post at the end once she has put it up.

The challenge is do to makeup with products that are worth 500INR in total. I swear this is quite a challenge. My skin is clearly used to only slightly expensive products. I want to blame it on ageing skin which is also confused skin. But here goes...

I chose multitasking products for the challenge. I think this look would work well for makeup newbies, college students and anyone who has, well, fairly clear skin. I am so used to heavy coverage foundation and concealer for my acne marks, that this really is not in my comfort zone and that would explain the very uneasy smile in the picture.

Set 1: For less coverage

1) Maybelline White Superfresh - 150INR
If you can survive with just compact, then here is one for those on a budget.

2) Streetwear ColorRich Kajal- 99INR
This is like the good old kajal, the big fat stick. It came with a sharpener free as well. If you use it with a light hand, you can fill your eyebrows with it, and if you use a brush then you can even line your eyelids with it. Tightline and curl your lashes to give the illusion of fuller lashes. You could even smudge it out and have a smokey eye look.

3) Streetwear ColorRich Ultramoist Lipstick- 180INR
I chose the shade Pink Persuasion in this range of lipsticks because it can multitask as blush as well.

Total= 429INR

Set 2: For more coverage

1) Maybelline ClearGlow Stick in Fawn- 250INR
This is my all time favourite base for summer. I get pretty oily in the summer and this works great at that time. Now my skin is too dry to handle this. This pretty much acts like a foundation and concealer in one. It is a great product to multitask with.

2) Streetwear ColorRich Kajal- 99INR
3) Streetwear ColorRich Ultramoist Lipstick- 180INR

Total= 529INR (ok so I crossed the budget by a teeny amount)

And those are products that I would choose to do a full face of makeup for 500INR.

I will add Lavanya's link as soon as it is up.

Tell us in the comments section below what products you would choose to do makeup for 500INR. (Pssst tell me if you struggled as much as I did to find something that works for your skin.) 

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