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Review of ASUS ZenPad 7.0 by an Indian Fashion Blogger

The best gifts are the unexpected ones. While I waited and waited for my Secret Santa gifts to turn up, Asus played Santa as well and gifted me an Asus Zenpad 7.0. Now I am no tech blogger and I can assure you that talking about the specs is not my forte. So I'm going to do this my style.

I never thought that I would be blogging on the go. I'm not just a blogger. I am a tutor, a best friend, a freelance content writer, an agony aunt, a stylist for my sister, a bridesmaid, a choreographer, a personal shopper for my friends and an obsessively organised person. The Asus Zenpad 7.0 has definitely helped me to be more productive when I am on the go.

Lets start with the fact that as I type this I am sitting in an auto heading to lunch with friends. It is small enough to hold in my hand and yet big enough to type without having to strain my eyes.
I can read, listen to music and write to-do lists as and when I need to.

About the Audio cover.
The Asus Zenpad 7.0 comes with an audio cover that has a built in virtual 5.1 surround sound. Did you know that it is the first tablet to come with an interchangeable functional rear!! It is like removing the back of a phone cover and changing the colour of the the case.

I love how sleek and light it is without the audio cover. Though the audio cover gives it a very polished look, but makes it bulkier and also increases the weight significantly.

What issues did I face with this?
Sadly quite a few.
One point to be noted is that when I connected it to the Audio cover, it just got hung on starting the tablet. This was not the first time the tablet was hanging. Sometimes it just randomly gets switched off and doesn't switch on for quite a while. I have to do a hard restart. There does not seem to be an actual cause for this abrupt hanging and switching off. The response time is also kind of slow. I think sometimes when it updates the phone it just hangs. Kind of annoying and No, it is not because of lack of battery!

Another problem that I faced is that the audio cover sometimes does not work. It is kind of temperamental. I have not yet figured out whether this is a manufacture defect or if I am doing something wrong with it. The audio cover can also be charged separately and I think that is a really cool idea.

Features that I love.
The camera comes in built with some amazing options such as Depth of Field (Which allows me to blur out the background). This is definitely my favourite option and I am so excited because it makes my pictures look like they were taken with a professional camera.

There is also a Miniature mode which focusses on one plane of the picture and blurs out the rest.

The GIF mode of the camera is so much FUN!!!

There is also a Beautification mode which adds filters automatically and lets you change even your eye size and lip size. It is like having photoshop on the phone.

Check out what I did to my face and eyes :D

The camera can be opened easily by just drawing a C on the screen and you can go to selfie mode by drawing S on the screen.  (weirdly there are times when it doesn't switch on but switches off with the C or S command. I think my tab does not like me)

The battery lasts for more than 6 hours even with continuous use.

I use this for updating all of my social media- Twitter, Instagram, Snapchat (yes I am snapchat now).

It it a very convenient size for reading e-books. I have started reading e-books.

I haven't yet put in a SIM card in this and I don't think I will be. I don't see myself using this as a phone. I love that it has an expandable memory space and I am going to buy a SD card soon so that I can click so many more pictures.

All this at the price of 15499INR.

Overall I am kind of on the fence. On one hand I am a bit disappointed with that fact that I have had a lot of technical difficulties with this. Maybe it is just the tab that I got.
One the other hand, I do LOVE the features especially the camera features.

Have you used the ASUS ZenPad?

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Disclaimer- product was sent by the brand in exchange for my honest review.