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EXPERIENCE: Sartorial Secrets at O2 spa, Garuda Mall.

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Today we have a guest post by Nandini who is the founder and blogger at Sartorial Secrets. Let's see what she has to say about the O2 Spa at Garuda Mall.

A Blissfully Relaxing Experience at O2 Spa

If you follow my beauty posts regularly, you’d know I’m not one for spending a whole lot of time at the salon. I’m very business-like – I get the bare minimum things like waxing or a haircut done in the most efficient time span possible. This is because I literally can’t sit still. I always have to be doing something, reading something or planning something. So when I had the chance to review a spa treatment, I was a little skeptical. But common sense told me I clearly needed a nice long break because of work being a little hectic with the blog as well. Krupa, who introduced me to this opportunity, suggested make it a spa date for my mom (who also happens to be my partner on the blog) and I.

The O2 Spa that I went to is located on the 5th floor at the Garuda Mall on Magrath Road. When I stepped in, I was first a little surprised by the tranquil kind of silence the whole place had. It was done up with wooden floors, and a long corridor of rooms for the treatments. Lily, my spa therapist for the evening, gave me a pair of cotton slippers and cotton robes to change into as I got ready for my African Cocoa Butter Body Wrap. 

The African Cocoa Butter Body Wrap is just what it sounds like – decadent, luxurious and designed for dry skin. Incidentally it also happens to be good for pregnant women to prevent stretch marks. 

The room was decorated with a beautiful lattice lantern, and the music was soft and ambient. Lighting was minimal and the beds were quite comfortable too.
The treatment started with applying generous amounts of African cocoa butter, lightly heated to soothe the body. It smelled of chocolate – heavenly. Lily was great to talk to, as she told me how this treatment would benefit my skin. It’s basically like cocooning yourself into the most moisturizing concoction ever. This, when gently massaged into skin would get absorbed by it and add a glow, getting rid of any dryness. My spa therapist did a wonderful job of the massage – it made me feel relaxed and was like temporarily switching off from my usual chaotic routine. After applying the cocoa butter all over, she wrapped my entire body in swathes of cotton cloth and left it for about 15 minutes, followed by a warm shower. My skin felt incredibly soft and shiny, and I smelled so delicious I could eat myself, haha. The treatment was completed with a refreshing Ginger Tea.

Experience by Ms. Radha (Nandini's mother):

Serene. That is the word that comes to mind when one steps into the O2 spa. At the reception, a visitor is greeted by a large smiling Buddha head. There are lovely perforated low-hanging lamps that diffuse light in a subtle and unobtrusive manner.  I was welcomed by the smiling and knowledgeable Mr Arun, who logged my details into their database and guided me to the waiting area stocked with interesting beauty and wellness magazines. With a cool drink in hand, I was soon engrossed in updating my knowledge. Already I could feel my stress levels fall.

Pretty soon, I was ushered into one of the rooms through a long corridor lined with several rooms on both sides. The walls had Buddhist motifs and paintings, creating a peaceful ambience. The aroma of scented candles wafted through.

I went in for an anti-aging facial which promises to use high-end products and formulas for firming the skin and for preventing wrinkles. The masseuse cleaned and toned my face and then applied a cleansing mask which was a cool minty gel that made my skin tingle. As I lay waiting for the mask to dry I felt cool and relaxed. After the mask dried, she rubbed it off the face and wiped it. Thereafter, she massaged my face and neck with a specially formulated massage cream. Then my face was steamed gently to open pores and clear blackheads. After this, a tightening mask was coated on my face and left to dry. Lastly, the mask was removed and another anti-aging cream was applied. I was told that all the products used at the O2 spa were specially formulated and were of high quality. My face felt cool, and I was relaxed and glowing, all the stress lines having been literally erased.

We’re both definitely visiting again – they have a lot of different massage as well as beauty treatments starting from Rs. 2,500 onwards. Highly recommended!

So as you can see ladies and gentlemen, O2 spa is a spa for all ages, and for both men and women. I think everyone who has been to O2 spa has been nothing short of awed by the luxurious feeling and the relaxation that the treatments here offer. If you do try O2 spa, don't forget to tell us how you liked it. 

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Disclaimer: The services were offered in return for our honest opinion.