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REVIEW: Aroma Essentials Clear Skin Mask

Okay so February is here and I have churned out two posts in two days. Woot woot! I decided to catch up with a whole bunch of pending reviews this month and when I was looking at all the products that have been waiting to be talked about, I realised that there was a LOT of skin care that I have been using but haven't raved or ranted about. Hence (hence is such a teacher thing to say, right?) February is going to be focusing on skin care and hair care products.

Kick starting this with a product that I talked about in my current favourites video with Harine- Aroma Essentials Clear Skin Mask.

Aroma Essentials Clear Skin Mask

Aroma Essentials is a brand started by Madhu and she was kind enough to send a few products for review. The first one that I decided to try was the Clear Skin Mask. This is a spot treatment for pimples and is meant to be kept overnight.

Aroma Essentials Clear Skin Mask

Made of completely natural ingredients, it does smell pretty strong of neem and tea tree oil, which I don't mind, but I know that my father found it to be very overwhelming. It is a thick off white cream, actually more like a paste. Housed in a simple white tub, you have to use your fingers to get the product. Alternatively you could use a spatula if you are not a fan of dipping your grubby fingers into a tub.

The product sticks onto the pimple and dries out the pimple. When you wash if off in the morning, you can see the size of the pimple having reduced. It works like super efficiently. I have actually have something like cystic acne (not exactly sure what the issue is because I still haven't gone to the doctor. Yes Yes, I know! Let's not talk about my laziness at this point), so I use this for the normal, smaller pimples that appear, and it makes them vanish in about 2 -3 days of continuous use. There is not much of a mark left behind as well. You can see how much I have used up. Not only does this show my love for the product but also the insane amount of pimples that come and go. Even Nutella is probably not eaten this fast.

Aroma Essentials Clear Skin Mask

I have used this on my slightly larger acne as well and while it does dry it up, I have constant reappearance of acne, which is obviously going to be solved when I go to a dermat. So it isn't a solution for a medical issue, but is great for the regular pimples that normal people get.

The packaging is very simple. There is nothing mentioned about the ingredients used, which could be a bit of an issue for some people. The product is meant to be refrigerated, but I will be honest and tell you that I have never put it in the fridge till date. I know for sure that I will forget its existence if it goes into the fridge. Bangalore is kinda chilly so I store it in a dark and not-so-warm place on my dresser. So far there has been no change in the colour or consistency of the product even though I have kept it out all this while.

Aroma Essentials Clear Skin Mask

Priced at 150INR for 20 gms, it is affordable and I would say anyone suffering from pimples and not crazy adult acne, should give this a try. It does what it says and gives you clear skin. In fact Aroma Essentials has some nice kits available which target and treat a particular problem like an acne prone skin care kit . You could check that out as well.

Overall I do really love this product.

Do you have any acne clearing products that you love?? Do let me know in the comments section below

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*product sent by brand for my honest review