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REVIEW: Shudhvi Naturals Therapeutic Face Cleansing Powder

...Come back to pure- That's the tag line of Shudhvi Naturals and I agree. I have always been a fan of natural skincare and this month is going to be a testimony of how much I have used natural skincare. Almost all the reviews that will be going up this month are products made from organic and natural ingredients. Shudhvi Naturals Handmade soaps and their Sun Jeevani After Bath Oil has already been reviewed on IshtyleAwhile

Shudhvi Naturals Therapeutic Face Cleansing Powder

The Shudhvi Naturals 100% Pure and Natural  Handmade Therapeutic Face Cleansing Powder is a mouthful and also a lot to type every time I need to talk about this product. Priced at 340INR for 50gm, I believe that it is affordable. The packaging does not mention the specific ingredients anywhere. However the black coloured product makes me hypothesize that there could be some charcoal and possibly coffee in the mix. Being a powder it is a bit messy to use (or maybe I am not skilled enough to do that same) and I have black drops all over the skin. The issue that I have is that when this falls onto my sink, it leaves stains on the ceramic and I literally have to wash my washbasin after I use this.

Shudhvi Naturals Therapeutic Face Cleansing Powder

Shudhvi Naturals Therapeutic Face Cleansing Powder

It is a pretty finely milled face cleanser so it behaves like a mild gentle scrub and I like that feeling. Of course there is no lather at all. Another problem is getting this out of the container. If you pour it directly onto your hand, rest assured that too much will fall and dust particles fly and you will sneeze (this has happened to me many times). Now I use a plastic spoon or spatula to take the amount I want. You need very little to clean your entire face and neck.

I like to wet my face, then take the cleanser on my palm. Dip my fingers into the cleanser and scrub different sections of my face, generally starting with my cheeks. Once I have applied all of it on my face, I use both palms to gently scrub. Then I wash it off.

Shudhvi Naturals Therapeutic Face Cleansing Powder

Shudhvi Naturals Therapeutic Face Cleansing Powder

I have never gotten this into my eye but it could cause some mild irritation if you do.

Occasionally I have used this as a face pack as well. Mix a few drop of tea tree oil into it, add some water to make a paste and applied it on my skin. This is like an in-the-bathroom mask (I don't really want to scare people walking around with a black mask on). Once it dries, usually about 15 minutes later, I wash it off. I feel it deep cleans when I use it as a mask and I can feel my pores open up. It does definitely dry out your skin when used as a mask.

With regular use my acne marks seem to have lightened and my skin always looks bright and radiant after I use this. I was using this every day for a few weeks, but then the cold season set in and my skin started to get too dry, so I started reducing the usage of this. I will go back to finishing what is left once my skin feels oily again.

Overall I do like this but not for the winter season. Maybe I will consider a repurchase in the summer. 

Have you heard of Shudhvi Naturals?? Do let me know what your thoughts on multitasking face cleansers.

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*Product sent by brand in exchange for my honest review.