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What to wear for Valentine's Day: Single Ladies Edition

As she added the final stroke to her eye liner, the doorbell rang. She glanced at her makeup. It had been kept simple.

She had gone for the MAC StudioFix Fluid foundation which gave medium coverage, some light pink blush from Lakme Absolute Blush Duo in Coral Duo, and a pretty pink lipstick from the Maybelline Rebel Bouquet collection. It was Valentine's Day, like duh, she had to be in shades of pink. For the eye shadow she went with pastel pinks lightly brushed over the eye lids and instead of an eye liner, she chose to line her lids with a purplish blue eyeshadow. A few coats of mascara and she was all ready. Just in the nick of time, as her dates had arrived. 

Dates? In plural?  No no she wasn't two timing, she was having a tea session with her girls. They were her dates. A simple tradition that she had with her girlfriends every year. Something to remind them that boys may come and go, but girlfriends were here to stay. They were here to laugh with, argue with, cry with, and pout and pose with. They had seen their fair share of heartbreaks, douche bags, smudged lipstick, crooked eyeliner and bad wardrobe choices. 

Talking about wardrobe choices, she had chosen something that wasn't exactly in her normal style. A white maxi with floral print. She couldn't wait to see the look on her friends' faces - FLORAL?? MAXI?? What was happening here?? What happened to the jeans and tee that was her staple?

It was time to change her style, or she thought and was trying new silhouettes. The dress cinched at the right place and had slits on the side that ran up till her knee. Not overtly sexy but showed some skin. She accesssorised with some statement earrings that matched her dress and a simple stone bracelet. Oh man! This was so not her and yet it felt so right!! She loved it and had kept twirling in front of the mirror all morning. All thanks to some impulsive online shopping.

The doorbell rang again impatiently. 

She opened the door and smiled. It was amazing how different they were. Sindhu in her long green skirt and white top looked as elegant as ever and Sharada, with a cute micro braid, and a chambray shirt was the boho chick. 

Everything was just perfect.
Chocolates- Check
The bakery biscuits that they all loved- Check
Hot ginger tea- Check
Flowers- Check
Her insane friends- Check

It was a Happy Valentines Day indeed.

A huge thanks to my models and good friends, Sindhu and Sharada for not just modelling but also helping me get this together in less than 2 hours. 
A bigger thanks to Francis, my photographer for turning up at such short notice. 
Location Courtesy: Sharada's place.
Styling and Concept by me, Krupa Lakshminarayanan.

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